Concerning podcasts, social media, creativity, and making the most of one’s time

The first episode of what would later become The Albert Chessa Podcast released on March 14, 2015.

I was working at the Department of Foreign Affairs at the time, making passports - a particularly repetitive job.

Since the role allowed me to wear headphones (I was already listening to music and audiobooks),

I opened the Podcasts app on my iPhone and started listening.

The convenience and versatility of the format appealed to me. Instead of getting info/news from articles,

I could simply listen to a podcast where the hosts shared and discussed said info/news between them.

I quickly fell in love with the flawed, human, imperfect, unedited aspects of podcasts.

I also loved how wide-ranging the conversations could become, but there was a problem:

I wasn’t hearing conversations that were sufficiently in-depth and eclectic for my tastes.

And so, one day, after a bout of anticipatory excitement over the title Bloodborne’s then-impending release, I opened the Voice Memos app on my iPhone and started recording.

I posted the file to YouTube, and - after educating myself about the podcast publishing process - on other platforms too.

Over the years I had many interesting conversations with many interesting people:

directors, actors, designers, theorists and analysts among them,

some of whom I now consider to be friends.

Gradually, though —

Through no fault of anyone or anything in particular — recording podcasts began to increasingly feel more like a chore than a pleasure.

For the past few months I’ve tried to convince myself to continue,

trying different things to re-energise myself (splitting the podcast into different feeds, for example),

But a few days ago it became clear that my engagement with (and enjoyment of) this activity had run its course.

The last episode - 235 - will release in just over a week from now, on December 8, 2020.

As far as social media is concerned, my engagement with (and enjoyment of) this has undergone great change also.

I have left Facebook, a cyber-criminal empire supported by an unthinking populace (though many have begun to wake up to their deceitful practices),

and I am no longer active on Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter or any other similar site. Aside from email (,

posting my creative works to YouTube for archival purposes and using Reddit (an info/news aggregate site with none of the inherently narcissistic,

personal information-sharing/harvesting aspects of social media), my use of the internet has been significantly streamlined,

with an emphasis on simplicity, minimalism and as much autonomy as possible.

Both and are still in construction, and I may contribute articles to sites such as Medium in the future.

The Quantumyth, my lifelong multimedia storytelling endeavour, has — aside from travelling the world, living life to its fullest,

learning from and nurturing my relationships with my partner, friends and family and generally growing as a person — become my top priority.

As of this writing, six of the one hundred planned Quantumyth stories are available to read at

My pattern art, itself a facet of The Quantumyth (each piece is a representation/capture of ‘The Evershaping’ —

the infinitely undulating, invisible patternscape along which all acts of creation are traced) will also continue,

albeit as a lower-priority side-project to The Quantumyth. This includes apparel/accessories/furniture/other items that feature my pattern art.

To anyone who has ever concerned themselves with me and/or my creations, I sincerely thank you. Light and good energy to you all.

Albert Chessa (December 1, 2020)