The Bard Returns!!!

*Runs to the highest hill in Canberra, sounds the BB-emblemed horn and declares*

The Bard has returned!

The Bard has returned!

The Bard of all Broadcasts is here!

🎺 🏔 🌄

Move aside Gandalf’s appearance when the day grew darkest - THIS is mah chosen Wizard-sage to bring hope to an ailing world!

Seriously dude - talk about ‘icons of their kind’,

if I may humbly say 🤘 No less than the very best unboxer in all the land you are, and have been since first finding your YouTube-hovel in the depths of the labyrinthine internet forest!

And so, if I may:

Bardic Broadcasts is the BEST youtube channel of all time, and anyone who says otherwise is WRONG!

The best thing about Bardic Broadcasts is the BEARD! Witness it’s majestic undulations and gesticulations as the man behind it enthusiastically and knowledgeably unveils to us the powerful secrets that lurk within boxes!

The BEST thing about BARDIC BROADCASTS is the PRESENTATION! Far from merely taking a safety knife to packaging - through his emphatic, sweeping and wizened narration (and genuinely discerning symbolic insights),

The Bard draws us into his cozy Fantasy-and-Sci-Fo rich hearth, far from the worries of the world, to edify us on the triumphantly nerdy material we all adore!

You might even say that by unpacking *his* deliveries, he delivers unto *US* the ultimate and defining sword-and-sorcery unboxing and commentary experience!

The BEST thing about Bardic Broadcasts is his UPLOAD SCHEDULE! There’s not a single JOT of algorithm-slavery to be seen here, no sir!

Master Bard posts when the real need to do so arises - not in genuflection to some phantom number judge!

And that’s why Bardic Broadcasts is so GREAT!

- Albert from Canberra 🇦🇺