The Biggest Non-Solution: Food For Anything But Fuel

One of the most perplexing human behaviours (I would even go so far as to call it an error in original programming) is our tendency/capacity to seek solace, comfort, celebration, or basically connect any kind of emotional catharsis from the human function to food.

What’s more, as well they should, whole industries have arisen to encourage this behaviour, for profit-making purposes.

The food and medicine industries profit enormously from the individual who seeks a quick, useless ‘escape’ (In quotation marks, because you’re not really escaping anything) from their problems.

The fact of the matter is, our bodies only really need one meal per day, divided into 6 components:




And drinking 30% of your bodyweight in WATER each day.

This is made easy to track and measure because the correct food intake (amount) always corresponds with the size of your hand at your current age:


PALM: 50%

2 FINGERS: 10% 1/2 FINGER: 2.5% 1/2 FINGER: 2.5%

1 FINGER: 5% Stop misdirecting to food. If you are sad, connect with yourself. If you are happy, or confused, or frustrated, or overwhelmed, just be those things, fully and presently, and they will pass.

Write about them, express them, channel that energy creatively or even socially.

But don’t turn your poor stomach, which is just trying to do its one (not three) daily required jobs in peace,

into a sack to hold all your emotions in (in the form of eaten food).

Leave this defenceless, basic life function alone!

If you’ve created a bridge between the two, emotions and food, sever it now.

Burn it away, and never let it build again. Do other things with your being.

Also, real quick:

TIME of day for intake does not matter, as long as it happens during the span of the day, and that total intake doesn’t fall short of (or exceed) what is outlined above (30, 50, 10, 2.5, 2.5, 5 + Water).

SLEEP when the day is obviously ending (10pm, when it’s fully dark) and wake when the day is obviously starting (7am, when it’s fully light).

EXERCISE only as a supplement to normal daily food intake (which is the core of health and life longevity), and only to a degree that helps to maintain a strong, well-functioning body that allows for the full spectrum of life‘s activities.