The Birth of All Creation: Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg (2009 Review)

On a sun-baked, windswept desert, a colossal, oval shaped form can be seen,

lying on its side,

as a lone robed pilgrim stands close by,

braving the strange object’s mysterious immensity, watching, in silent appraisal.

Far away, in a field of flowers, the looming form of the Cosmic Egg floats before a little girl, her hair in two braids.

In stunned awe, now in a scrub-laden expanse, the figures of a boy and a girl witness the opening of the same, familiar, oval form.

The Conception Seed. The Timeless Beginning and End. The Origin of Origin.

With Cosmic Egg, Wolfmother have re-discovered discovery itself.

They have tapped into spontaneity, and potentiality, now and forever after.

They have taken up this foundation, arguably The Foundation:

‘Live who you are: Nature. interpret it, in your world,

or the world through you: however you see it.’

Put somewhat metaphysically, with their long-awaited second album Wolfmother simply presents, in musical form, a sonic synthesis of nature’s infinite shapes.

They are constantly finding and applying other methods to achieve this, but these shapes are brought about purely by the interaction between their psyche and their instruments, then distilled and put to record, through a newly purpose-created context I’ve come to describe quite vaguely as The All-Feeling:

To gain the broadest sense of perspective of all matters and things, equalising, levelling them out and making them all One.

What’s made from assuming this state of being are this record’s extraordinarily well-balanced and beautifully textured songs, which effectively make up Wolfmother's own 'personal culture':

Eldritch landscapes of unicorns, The rumbling of coming storms across moss-covered plateaus, pyramid-ridden deserts, cave paintings and carvings inside the mountain of Wolfmother’s very own mythological identity and quintessential life-force.

Everything introduced in 2005's self-titled record has returned in Cosmic Egg, our second expedition into Wolfmother’s growing universe.

All this, appropriately, is possible to them only through the dream-like versatility of music, a means whose true usage is borne forth only from accepting, harnessing and piloting the mind-senses of the astral self, aka. the imagination self.

This version of ourselves — one that Andrew Stockdale, Wolfmother's songwriter and frontman, chooses to be in and use quite a lot — that is fully allowed to fly, unrestrained to any one reality, guiding our intuition always, subconsciously, permitting us to truly know, and be in tune with, ourselves.

To be consistent with the universe-echoes that shape us, from the moment that all matter suddenly was — the Big Bang, or cosmic egg as it is also known — that is what Wolfmother's album of the same name calls us to do. The band have chosen to use — or has it chosen to use them? — their music to do this.

By way of his lyrical and musical universality as displayed on the previous record, Andrew clearly hopes to satisfy his obvious, ambitious compulsion to explore every millisecond of possibility in his own sonic universe-creating, psychedelic experience-birthing way, and to acquaint others with their own infinite presence. Helping others realise their own inner spark.

In other words, on ‘Cosmic Egg’, Wolfmother is inviting us, artists and all others, to draw on the very source of the patterns of the cosmos and creation as they are, fully realised and comprehensible, to continue the creator-creation-creator fractal.

This dormant power waits, patiently, for our careful negotiation as engaged, free-thinking creatures.

To seek and find our deepest notion of existence, unique to each person, a very special spark that escapes all but exclusively one’s own grasp is needed.

Wolfmother’s Cosmic Egg: The Close Detail Review

Metaphysics, Astrophysics…Physics are clearly the inspiration for this record.

Opposing forces clash, they do not absorb into each other. (Due to Irreconcilable musical and personal differences, Andrew was required to separate with original members Chris Ross and Myles Heskett. ‘They like eyes to see on parallels, seeing all things are similar. For those who deny chance, have their chance denied.’)

Something with a strong foundation will stand. (Across time, they draw on the very same source of inspiration for music as Black Sabbath & Led Zeppelin.)

When Something Vacates Space, Space is created on the other side.

(aka. The notion that it is intrinsic to life to weigh up both sides to the meaning of our decisions, before deciding the outcome. Appropriately, another side to this is the parallel between the action of two opposing forces creating something out of a collision, such as with Wolfmother’s breakup & the Big Bang which began Existence, and of Progressing out such times of ‘Conflict’, Informed by & considering both opposing elements.)

Nothing Is created or destroyed, but everything changes shape.

(When we die, our atoms are simply used to create other Organisms. On ‘Cosmic Egg’, Elements of ‘Monolith’ and the original ‘Violence of the Sun’ were shaped into ‘Inside the Castle’ and ‘Sundial.’)

And last, but by no means the least profound,

Nothing is ever wholly dependent on any one thing.

(Andrew could not have made this Music on his own.

He found the Help of Skilled Musicians, Ian Peres, David Atkins, and Aiden Nemeth, to aid him in crafting this Album.)

Nothing, that is, Except, It could be said, that very sentiment.

Just consider logic. It would never register as logical to lash out or get emotional or argue with the band’s former members, while being reasonable, as Andrew was, can do so much more. It is close minded not to consider peoples feelings, or to think there is only one way to be open minded.

Questioning this can be interesting, but done too much will end up being a waste of time.

It all comes down to Balance, and the way you choose to see things.

This is not ‘Wolfmother’s way to be’, however the way they phrase it during the course of the Record ( ‘May you never need to justify, Everybody’s got their own way.) may be different, but the sentiment behind it, of all humans being inherently unique by default, with no need to ‘Try’, only ‘Do’, proves itself to be a constant, and as such beyond any kind of ownership by any one party.

Wolfmother are a reaction, nothing finite. Only our bodies are. They are a conduit, as we all are. There is no hate, just understanding and action.

There is a consistent theme to everything: Goodness, Love.

( ‘I Believe that love is gonna last forever.’)

Never think you have figured it out, that’s the point, not having it figured out fully. That is Wolfmother’s mindset. The absence of one

The record speaks of taking in stride, putting things in perspective.

Of how, If it is a relevant force, something will present itself in your Life, in time. (‘You could be, what you are, anytime, this time.

Could it be, what you see, you could be, in time.’)

The only fundamentally logical course of action, the only way that doesn’t feel like a human posoning themselves, is to visualize & practice those themes, as is Musically Exemplified by Wolfmother on ‘Cosmic Egg’.