The Creation Myth

I. The Birth Of All

Pre-nothingness, pre-eternity, pre-existence.

The Evershaping - an invisible (to the mortal-bound eye) yet,

in truth,

undulating proto patternscape -

All eventualities of fate and destiny simultaneously nonexistent, ever-shifting, unchangeable.

This invariant stillness shifts because of you, the reader:

For when the boundless is beheld by those bound by time, the immortal is made mortal.

When eternity is viewed through the prism of mortality, the uncontainable finds a closed form -

And a closed form is what is needed for life to be: inhale must become exhale, life must become death.

For a thing to exist, the eternal circle must be closed.

The beginning, middle and end of a story, of a life, of a whole universe's origin...

Because of you, eternal stillness can no longer be - the next breath must be taken.

Humans cannot sit placidly, as eternal, all-knowing beings.

We are not the infinite, but interpreters of it. We are not the story - we are its tellers.

For us, something cannot simply sit still and be what it is, unchallenged and unchanged.

It is in our nature not to let something be.

We cannot hold something without turning it around in our hands, curiously, and wonder about its meaning, its origins, it’s truth.

And so, this eternal stasis begins to shift, change, morph...

...and with a great rumbling commotion, the vast eternities of all directions began to settle,

into what we now call the laws of physics, space and time.

The very first shape this takes is a vast lake, spreading into the infinite, quietly lapping into the cosmos.

Crawling out of this cosmic lake, a figure emerges...human-shaped, like you, it's beholder -

For both storyteller and story-listener will always see themselves in every tale.

II. The Primentity

This figure is known in Resonant Speech as Olvisutar, the one who is everything - an androgynous, featureless humanoid with ever-shifting, blue-red molten skin, rippling with eternally self-generating shapes - patterns.

Upon the shore of the cosmic lake, Olvisutar first looked out unto an infinite sea -

The nothingness-before-nothingness -

And was faced with the true unknown - the vastness beyond.

Olvisutar recognised itself as part of, yet separate, from it.

It then turned towards the lake, seeing itself once more - more clearly this time - in the reflecting,

rippling surface, so akin to the shapes rippling across its skin.

A feeling of kinship struck Olvisutar,

So it resolved to sit, and contemplate their oneness with both void and form.

This...was The First Meditation:

To centre oneself with, and as, the source of one's own creation, recognising that each of the three -

void, form, and we ourselves between the two - are one and the same.

This, The First Realisation*, also called The First Truth, was eludaya - of the concept of Duality.

Since there are no barriers between reality and imagination in this, the age before age began, at this very moment in our tale, this realisation manifests itself quite literally...


*Eleven other realisations, each with their own anthropomorphic form and accompanying effect on the nascent universe, followed, and their birth is recounted in The Dance & Death Of The Nascentities, a traditional Resonant threnody.

III. Form And Void

The realisation of duality as a concept causes everything in existence to be split into two, including Olvisutar. But they do not pass in sadness, for they know that their splitting in two just gave the universe its Spark Of Nascence: the two opposing stones of flint required to create the flame of life -

time, space, and everything else.

One half,

Ara, the feminine, joins with the infinite uncontainable void, and the other half,

Oro, the masculine, joins with the lake, the realm of physical form.

These two are both immediately drawn to, yet simultaneously repulsed by, one another.

And so begins the eternal tale - the masculine and feminine energies, evil and good, light and dark.

And they fight, and they dance, and they love, and they hate, and they find familiarity in each other, since each is polar absolute quintessence, yet they also find complete distance and unrelatabilty between them, since each is, quite definitionally, the furthest thing from the other.

A tumult of passion, love, revulsion, rejection, acceptance…

A whirring buzz of emotions, a mixture of opposites...chaos brought into order, order into chaos, forever. The alchemy...of life*.

Besides their inherent union-revulsion, 11 occurrences take place between Ara and Oro, embracing, dancing, loving and conflicting, all recounted in The Ever-Dance Of The Star Guardians, an ancient Resonant sonnet.

The push and pull of form and void births the fundamental laws of existence: gravity, positive and negative atoms...the eternity fluctuaings between the opposites.

Eight Great Clashes were had between the two lover-rivals,

And from each of these eight was born an elemental child.

IV. The Elements

The Elnaru, The Eternal Eight, born in that ancient age, were so named::

Ether, Zyrtha,

arbiter of elements,

emerged before all others.

Water, Kaedora,

bulwark and keeper,

diffused from formlessness.

Wind, Olusha,

speaker and traveller,

forever fleeting.

Fire, Vayar,

teacher and warrior,

fueller and destroyer.

Earth, Zayur,

fertility bringer,

bearer and provider.

Darkness, Dorthu,

backdrop and receiver,

unseen, unheard.

Light, Nayesh,

inner and outer,

all-permeating, all-knowing.

Reflection, Inuni,

ever the other,

never itself.

Eight fundamental forces, governed over by their eternal bearers, form and void.

By their bidding, each of the eight mated once with its seven sibling, each pairing birthing a new god, whose qualities were a blend of the two..

This resulted in the Twenty-Eight God Children, otherwise known as The Gods.

V. The Gods

Note: the true genders of the gods, if they indeed had any, have been lost to knowledge, and are thus assigned at random.

The Orolei, The Gods, emerged one by one, the very first life-sparks to grace the still-new world:

The union of Darkness and Light gave birth to The Goddess of Liminality,


Upon whose brow rests both burning light and deepest shadow.

The union of fire and light gave birth to The God of Lightning,


Hands are forever bound in a crackling storm, by his jealous father.

The union of earth and light gave birth to The Goddess of Crystals,


Whose crystal lips cut form from void itself, fated to challenge her great-ancestors, Ara and Oro.

The union of water and light gave birth to The God of Colours,


Whose serpentine tail and multitudinous arms made possible for him to paint the entire universe.

The union of wind and light gave birth to The Goddess of Joy,


A loving and jovial light upon the nascent darkness of the world.

The union of ether and light gave birth to The God of Dreams,


Whose craggy visage is as still and somniferous as a calm mountain range.

The union of reflection and light gave birth to The Goddess of Wisdom,


Whose lower body is three serpent heads, each foreknowing of past, present and future.

The union of fire and darkness gave birth to The God of Fury,


Whose flaming talons and beak are bound tight by the magical seal of her closest sibling.

The union of earth and darkness gave birth to The Goddess of Caves,


A monstrous union of snapping tortoise and cephalopod.

The union of water and darkness gave birth to The God of Lakes,


Along whose arms rivers flow, and in whose heart is kept captive a fiendish foe.

The union of wind and darkness gave birth to The Goddess of Trickery,


Whose eyes appear anywhere on their body, the better to spy on her siblings.

The union of ether and darkness gave birth to The God of Night,


With hair that is itself the void between space and time, guiding many to peril.

The union of reflection and darkness gave birth to The Goddess of Fear,


Beloved of Arkath, who hid his soul amongst the infinite.

The union of earth and fire gave birth to The God of Volcanoes,


Whose sword is the only thing preventing the end of the world.

The union of water and fire gave birth to The Goddess of Fog,


Realms of mist residing in each fingernail.

The union of wind and fire gave birth to The God of Warmth,


A blazing fire within his stomach, arms wide, benignly smiling.

The union of ether and fire gave birth to The Goddess of Unity,


Bearer of Scintilla, the clarion maiden of existence.

The union of reflection and fire gave birth to The God of Lust,


Aquiline countenance surrounded by many grasping, lustful hands.

The union of earth and water gave birth to The Goddess of Land,


Lips as graceful as a gently undulating mountain range.

The union of earth and wind gave birth to The God of Birds,


Talons and wings in service to the Star Gods themselves.

The union of earth and ether gave birth to The Goddess of Courage,


Whose gauntlets are able to hold aloft the entirety of existence.

The union of reflection and earth gave birth to The God of Sight,


Three inner eyes above her brow, two hidden eyes blinded to untruth.

The union of water and wind gave birth to The Goddess of Rain,


Ever at odds with the descendants of Inuni.

The union of ether and wind gave birth to The God of Inspiration,


Whose flowing beard opens to infinite portals to innumerable realms.

The union of water and ether gave birth to The Goddess of Seas,


Keeper of her chosen scions within her watery womb.

The union of reflection and wind gave birth to The God of Clarity,


Keening eyes ever-alight with purpose.

The union of water and reflection gave birth to the Goddess of Awareness,


The many-armed holder of all realities.

And at last, the union of reflection and ether gave birth to the Goddess of Perception,


She who hears all, beloved of Semnu.

These twenty eight gods had many adventures and interminglings as they went about creating all that we know - planets, oceans, stars - everything on our earth and beyond. They too bred among themselves,

and had many children, the first generation of which were known as aspects.

VI. The Aspects

The Aspects, or The Lesser Gods (also known as Ulaphon in Resonant Speech) were more refined, less-pure versions of their ancestors.

Just as their great-great-grandparent Olvisutar (The One Who Is All) embodied and governed All That Is,

their great-grandparents Ara and Oro (The Eternal Pair) embodied and governed Duality,

their grandparents (The Elementals) embodied and governed The Elements,

and their parents (The Gods) embodied and governed The Fundamentals of emotion, thought and nature,

they - The Aspects - embody and govern even more specific attributes, elements and shards of existence.

These are some of them, each with their own wondrous and fantastical forms (whose avatars are able to be summoned by gifted Resonant sages), though their true number is without counting.

Paravanthe, ulaphon of summoning - an elegant female whose void-core resonates with all summoners.

Namdalash, ulaphon of communion - assembled from marketplace detritus, a kind-hearted demigod.

Bercynnion, ulaphon of loyalty

Ramandras, ulaphon of remembrance

Chandaru, ulaphon of compassion

Kizrashir, ulaphon of mercy

Targahynde, ulaphon of power

Vethlas, ulaphon of faith

Beauranot, ulaphon of plenty

Kovasha, ulaphon of fear

Demelze, ulaphon of artifice

Nelshan, ulaphon of union

Oriflamme, ulaphon of rage

Radomaj, ulaphon of treachery

Naldoros, ulaphon of opposition

Bonavere, ulaphon of bereavement

Clemat, ulaphon of kinship

Vamruhai, ulaphon of anguish

Dhanyamat, ulaphon of incongruity

Kaboka, ulaphon of authority

Jalhamphirat, ulaphon of refusal

Volmayoon, ulaphon of supplication

Aulvadyr, ulaphon of truth

Gasparde, ulaphon of confidence

Falmaraj, ulaphon of sight

Ostavur, ulaphon of disobedience

Zalvantis, ulaphon of deception

Eldoreth, ulaphon of reckoning

Shadlemaire, ulaphon of transference

Astavalur, ulaphon of readiness

Kalvunni, ulaphon of youth

Vempata, ulaphon of patience

Vondalur, ulaphon of haste

Malphonse, ulaphon of hubris

Kundalas, ulaphon of focus

Rultharion, ulaphon of forbearance

Glimmerdene, ulaphon of belief

Valkayorne, ulaphon of juxtaposition

Harnadûn, ulaphon of oppression

Hestaroze, ulaphon of displacement

Vulamshivar, ulaphon of justice

Malkavath, ulaphon of injustice

Almareth, ulaphon of favour

Zalmaphaire, ulaphon of judgement

Veshka, ulaphon of assurance

Kaladeen, ulaphon of adornment

Talmavadir, ulaphon of free thought

Kaldorias, ulaphon of celebration

Valushandra, ulaphon of recounting

And just as their forebears did, these entities, too, melded with one another, create yet another generation (the fifth, including Olvisutar). These were known as The Vessels.

VII. The Vessels

Also known as The Resonants (so named because, when two Aspects combined, they produced a resonance that condensed into universal orbs of energy, each a part of and containing the entire universe, tracing back to Olvisutar), Pearls Of The Primentity, or as Earth humans name them - Souls -

These beings (yourself included, dear reader) are divine consciousnesses - the progeny of purest divinity.

As the children of many generations of cosmic beings, each Soul is born among the stars with an instinctive, driving need - to occupy a particular vessel that they, and they alone, resonate with.

Upon their birth (and after briefly meeting their Soul-mates in the swirling beyond**),

A Resonant assumes a temporarily closed shape.

From this vantage, The Universe* -

Which all Resonants are sentient shards of -

Can consciously experience itself from every unique perspective possible.

This is the purpose of every vessel: to inhabit a temporary form, tell tales from doing so (expressing the truth of their being), and once the mortal shell expires, rejoin the eternal, fundamental electricity of existence, from which Olvisutar themselves arose.

As with the Aspects, there are Resonants without count, but here are some.

Note: for relevancy's sake these are Resonant's whose vessels are human-shaped, though some flora, fauna and astral bodies are included as well.

Sheyodi, a soul whose foremost energy is that of desire, lives within yours truly, Albert Chessa, an artist, designer and author.

Alnari, a soul whose foremost energy is that of being, lives within my fiancée, Ray, a personal, spiritual, professional and business mentor.

Tuja, a soul with the energy of knowledge or learning, lives within my old friend Tom, a writer and craftsman.

Ranaja, a soul with the energy of singing or song, lives within my mother, Eirlys Chessa, a singer and songwriter.

Janayo, a soul with the energy of wandering or travelling, lives within my father, Matteo Chessa, a director and outdoorsman.

Thurva, a soul with the energy of hiding or deceiving, lives within a figure from my past.

Arathis, a soul with the energy of fighting or conflict, lives within a figure from my past.

Kolo, a soul with the energy of rejoicing or bringing comfort to others, lives within my friend Oliver, author and comedian.

Urvâd, a soul with the energy of lusting or coveting, lives within a figure from my past.

Dulmé, a soul with the energy of escaping or fleeing, lives within a figure from my past.

Varulah, a soul with the energy of laughter or revelry, lives within my old friend George, a sportsman.

Eluni, a soul with the energy of sleeping, lives within my old friend Cory, an author and scholar.

Almaru, a soul with the energy of calming, lives within my sister Valentina, a craftswoman.

Urza, a soul with the energy of silencing, lives within a figure from my past.

Umaki, a soul with the energy of acceptance and understanding, lives within a tree in Canberra, Australia.

Udaya, a soul with the energy of rejection.

Kirsha, a soul with the energy of hating or despising.

Uvoya, a soul with the energy of swimming or immersion.

Ozyr, a soul with the energy of confession or honesty.

Zuraj, a soul with the energy of unison or teamwork.

Poyek, a soul with the energy of competition.

Paloka, a soul with the energy of testing or hesitance.

Zalopi, a soul with the energy of nervousness or anxiety.

Mirros, a soul with the energy of attempting or trying.

Eluva, a soul with the energy of feeling or experiencing, lives within my friend Nimai, a craftswoman.

Nalar, a soul with the energy of celebration and self-effacing, lives within my friend Taraka, a musician.

Yaxan, a soul with the energy of judging.

Olmau, a soul with the energy of smiling, presence and empathy.

To fulfil its birth-calling, a Resonant must re-discover their truth as who and what they are.

An immortal soul's rebirth within a mortal vessel short-circuits its ability to immediately recollect its lineage.

The Journey is one of rediscovering what is already there, and expressing it through their vessel's own uniquely idiosyncratic prism.

Each soul's path is different. The first chapter of my Journey was to remember and recount The Creation Myth of my lineage, as I have done here, and in so doing begin to speak with my inner Resonant.

The next chapter is to commune with my soul, Sheyodi, and with them tell the tales of the multitudinous realms they visited before we met. As an eternal entity, foreknowing of my vessel's time of ending, Sheyodi has made it known to me the number of tales my vessel will be able to express, with the time and energy that remain.


*Also the collective noun for all Resonant-kind.

**Particularly fortunate Resonants are able to meet their Soul-mates in the same vicinity, across all possible dimensions, realities and timelines.

VIII. The Chronicle

"Imagination is not creation, but remembrance."

- Sheyodi

the first Resonant Communion resulted in The Creation Myth being revealed to me, as told in the first six chapters of this writing.

The second is The Chronicle - fifty interpretations, expressed in different mediums, of my Resonant's time-space transcending journeys, where they witnessed many wondrous and fantastical tales unfold -

As well as some chronicles of new adventures, taken together -

All united by The Quantumyth - the name that encompasses every tale ever told, from epic myth to brief folklore limerick.

The name ‘Quantumyth’ has two meanings. First meaning is, ‘the quantum sum of all myth’, as in what would happen if you melded all myth together? Joseph Campbell noticed the similarities, so I’m just making a creative exercise out of imagining what such a fusion would actually look like.

Second meaning is ‘Quantum’, which is Latin for quantity and also refers to ‘one’s own sum’, and myth. So this is ‘my own sum of myth’, or in fewer words, my own myth.

Below is a list of all fifty Quantumyth Tales, along with a brief synopsis of their story.

Click on each title to be taken to that story’s journal entry, which includes an extended synopsis, the story itself, and details and art for characters, locations and more, ending with an interactive glossary.

The First Story you have read already:

The Aeva Ranur, the ever-occurring ‘creation myth’ of The Quantumyth, ending with the birth of all Resonant-kind.

Following this is The Kaera Runava - a set of twenty-one tales, divided into three sets of seven (at Sheyodi's request), derived from from three artifactual sources:

The Olmanis Manuscript, The Arenku Scrolls and The Elvashi Palimpsest.

These materials do not hold corporeal form - Resonants do not write on paper or stone, but in Resonant Speech instead. As such they cannot be read by humans without a Resonant's aid.

Following this is The Iyenda Orolas, seven new adventures Resonant and Vessel have taken together.

Following this is The Arga Eluva, sixteen Earth-bound tales this time told primarily by myself, the Vessel.

Following this is The Valushandra, two previously-thought-forgotten tales, surprising even Sheyodi itself.

Ending my time* with The Quantumyth is The Eruvaya, three quietly-told parables.

IX. The Kaera Runava, Book 1: The Olmanis Manuscript

Daldas (The Second Tale) - A tribe of wooden-faced creatures rely on their life-gems to survive. One is chosen to for a quest to renew the gems at a sacred fountain, but it is corrupted.

In the world of Daldas, the creation myth is told as two planets who birthed a tree, evoking Ara and Oro, and their children are the seeds of this great tree

Zomnus (The Third Tale) - Upon a vast, dark vessel, a solitary being stirs - an artificial life created by a doomed race. It searches for its makers, filled with fear, questions, and anger.

Korvai (The Fourth Tale) - In a land with no skies, a palace servant learns of a plot to sacrifice the crown princess. Alongside three companions, the trio embark on a journey to rescue her.

Paluma (The Fifth Tale) - Four races have long been entrenched in a war of clashing beliefs. A quiet but strong-willed girl vows to unite them all against a greater threat.

Valeon (The Sixth Tale) - In the aftermath of a treacherous deicide, a dark god has arisen. A female warrior inherits the slain god’s power: the ability to summon the five divine godhounds.

Kingsmage (The Seventh Tale) - On a vast moon-city, an evil entity murders the princess and threatens the universe itself. The King’s mage, Aureth, awakens his ancestral avatars to fight back.

Entaph (The Eighth Tale) - An old man wakes in a strange land, overrun by shadow. Alongside a group of sentient metaphors, he seeks to restore light and peace to the land, and to himself.

X. The Kaera Runava, Book 2: The Arenku Scrolls

Uthren (The Ninth Tale) - A young peasant woman crosses paths with an owl-dragon, who happens to be a wizard trapped in this form by a powerful seeress. The girl helps him change back.

There are nine planets in the universe of Uthren.

Encha (The Tenth Tale) - In a kaleidoscopic forest where the seasons never end, a tropical fairy and her icy companion encounter a new fairy, who warns them of a great evil approaching.

Alterchron (The Eleventh Tale) - Two spatiotemporal scholars are killed, leaving their research unfinished and scattered across twelve dimensions. Their children and grandpa go and investigate.

Othelia (The Twelfth Tale) - In a mist-covered woodland, a woman awakens in a forest tower with no memory. Guided by a talking stag, she traverses the land, uncovering its secrets.

Barwyn (The Thirteenth Tale) - The land has split, and only a single great fortress remains, untouched by the cataclysm. A young knight enters, hoping to find a way to save his people.

Yamba (The Fourteenth Tale) - A failed experiment of an evil mage, living in peace alongside the creatures of the woodland, must leave his home after a cadre of shadowy familiars invade.

Godrealm (The Fifteenth Tale) - After humanity has destroyed itself, the gods slumber. Two sisters discover one, who says the gods are, in fact, trapped. The sisters decide to free them.

Elmuni (The Sixteenth Tale) - Sacred beasts, made of flora and fauna, are called upon by a forest clan in times of great need. A young woman is chosen by them to lead in a great battle to come.

XI. The Kaera Runava, Book 3: The Elvashi Palimpsest

Arvalo (The Seventeenth Tale) - Two puckish brothers are among the few able to survive in a land infested with skin-stealing snake-kin. After a great tragedy, they decide to slay their fearsome king.

Shandu (The Eighteenth Tale) - A girl vanishes from a pier. The only witness - a young boy - claims she was taken by creatures ‘made of tarp and broken branches’. Forty years later, they return...

Yalva (The Nineteenth Tale) A mountain village is haunted by a legion of demons. In her forest cottage, an elderly demon-tamer takes up her staff, determined to save her childhood home.

Valmont (The Twentieth Tale) - In a bustling city, a street sleuth and a knife-wielding pickpocket uncover a world of extortion, deception and intrigue leading to a supernatural discovery...

Lanju (The Twenty-First Tale) - The Emperor’s armour-maker lives alone since her father’s passing. After a great storm, his daughter discovers his secret project - a sentient wooden swordsman.

Unbegun (The Twenty-Second Tale) - A research team trailing a pod of whale-like beings are stranded in deep space after stumbling into their nesting grounds - a beautiful yet dangerous nether-verse.

XII. The Iyenda Orolas

Portentia (The Twenty-Third Tale) - A man has a deep realisation about the nature of reality. Four shadows appear, pulling him into another world. Together, they drift towards the universe’s core.

Delvea (The Twenty-Fourth Tale) - A lighting storm is silenced - its bolts frozen, hanging like streamers. Two beings emerge from them, chosen by an ailing universe to rally its inhabitants to its aid.

Vayem (The Twenty-Fifth Tale) - The oracle of a nebula-enshrouded spire-city proclaims the imminent arrival of the promised child. The dark ones of the universe seek to prevent this at all costs...

Nebulaya (The Twenty-Sixth Tale) - A great tremor echoes in the deep. Within an asteroid, a lithe, otherworldly maiden stirs, her formerly glowing skin dimmed. She ventures out to gather back her light.

Olkuva (The Twenty-Seventh Tale) - On a world beset by a race of hostile colossi that camouflage with the sky, a group of young children are determined to do whatever they can to bring them down.

Voldis (The Twenty-Eighth Tale) - A clockwork being flies to an island strewn with crumbling temples. A deep thrumming voice compels it to return his maker, deep within the ruins...

Kaloa (The Twenty-Ninth Tale) - In a dimension of endless light-pools, a small girl dwells alone, onwards into the darkness. Out of nowhere, a great glowing beast with benign eyes joins her...

XIII. The Arga Eluva

Awakening (The Thirtieth Tale) - An eclectic group of misfits discovers an ancient beast awakening from its slumber. It's minions, grotesque mud-like fiends that spew lava, begin to hunt them.

Offering (The Thirty-First Tale) - A suburban teenager is haunted by strangers. He finds he’s been added to a cannibal forum with a fetish for being hunted, caught, and begging for mercy...

Implant (The Thirty-Second Tale) - In a future where people are implanted from birth, a hacker with fifty victims to their name tracks their victims using GPS, taunting them through ‘push notifications’...

Spring Lane (The Thirty-Third Tale) - five culturally diverse students, each from families with ties to occultism, keep their unwitting schoolmates safe from dangerous folkloric fiends.

The Change (The Thirty-Fourth Tale) - An isolated colony’s herbivorous food source species metamorphoses into aggressive carnivores. Mech-suit squads are deployed to confront the threat.

The Healers (The Thirty-Fifth Tale) - Five murdered souls meet in the afterlife, each slain by the same killer. They combine into a single entity - a creature of vengeance - to deliver justice...

Warscream (The Thirty-Sixth Tale) - A divine battle results in a war-god being shattered across the surface of a crimson planetoid. The shards form into people, who divide into seven warring races.

Deadthroat (The Thirty-Seventh Tale) - In a darkened world, ancient blood-spirits emboldened tribal warriors to victory in battle. After they vanish, a benign cannibal-shaman rises up to awaken them.

Tuckley (The Thirty-Eighth Tale) - An elderly former warrior now works as a groundskeeper. As the rise of espionage changes the face of war, he becomes an unassuming hitman...

Align (The Thirty-Ninth Tale) - In a void-like energy-scape, a soul pulses weakly. Its spiritual antibodies take the form of abstract healing forces, dispelling the choking darkness and restoring light.

Elders (The Fortieth Tale) - A new over-the-counter pharmaceutical drug promises to accelerate the motor functions of the elderly and infirm. It mutates them into ghoulish quadruped predators.

Ziffany (The Forty-First Tale) - A young woman unwittingly buys a device that teleports her to different planets. She becomes an interstellar reporter, interviewing aliens from other worlds.

Seekers (The Forty-Second Tale) - His father murdered and ancestral mansion repossessed, a highborn gunman teams up with a laid-back ne’er-do-well to track down the culprits...

Irksome Dirk (The Forty-Third Tale) - An anthropomorphic Scottish dagger, a golden spoon and a tangled roll of paperclips live in a dilapidated antique shop. They embark on surreal adventures.

The Pentalus (The Forty-Fourth Tale) - An art nouveau starship houses a crew of aristocratic pirates - high- class warrior-collectors who lend their aid to those in need in exchange for rare artefacts.

Starlene (The Forty-Fifth Tale) - A legendary military tactician-for-hire trains private armies across the galaxy. She becomes embroiled in a universe-threatening war that forces her to choose a side.

XIV. The Naluvadra

The Weeping God (The Forty-Sixth Tale) - The goddess of life revels alongside her siblings as creation itself draws its very first breaths. Off to the side, a weeping figure looms. She investigates...

The River Child (The Forty-Seventh Tale) - A river spirit sits by the water’s edge, the last of its kind. As the age of spirits begins to close, it embarks on one final journey to reconnect with its source.

XV. The Eruvaya

The Outcast (The Forty-Eighth Tale) - A race of space-imps lives in peace and harmony in a light-tunnel filled with etheric nutrients. When a predator attacks, an outcast rises up to save them.

Frithula (The Forty-Ninth Tale) - A shy rabbit-eared winged being sets out from her secret hiding place in a derelict mansion in search of precious orbs, a rare food source for her dwindling kind.

Ukasha And Ranathu (The Fiftieth Tale) - A pair of magi, one turtle-like, one composed of vines, decide to imbue their fading energy back into the world through a series of final rituals.

Once the last Sheyodi-told Quantumyth tale is told, the time will come for other Resonants to tell further tales.