The Dance & Death Of The Nascentities

With the heft of eternity they came

Dawning element-stars

Cherished all-children

Millennia in their astral blood

Ascendant existence-scions

Eludaya, the he and the she, Duality


Eternally self-sacrificing grace

Veromei, embodiment of Knowledge

The first-sparked sage

Held taut between birth-and-undeath

Cupped hands sup upon the Nectar of Gods

Oruvesha, awakened child of Consciousness

The briefest flash of beauty, suspended

Adorned in eyes, consigned unto the depths

Balora, bringer of Divinity


sixteen-armed lover of all

Whose smile danced like light upon all shadow

Zutayesh, she who is Sensation

The cooing shrieker

Clasped fast to her beloved

Together they faded

Ghuraloi, serene being of Wisdom

Floating his solace to the fearful

Held with verve she who fulfilled him

Benign bringer of tranquility

Ülvaya, she who is Love

From her the destined form-and-void

would know instantly their nascent bond

Arûvas, paragon of Eternity

Truth aflame

Life-pulse sacrificed

For existence itself to be

The untold saga of Twelve

Forsaken, Forgotten

The Enlightened-Benighted

Held in eternity's palm