The Dangers Of Being An Oblivious Gaslighter

These are two men who, overall, I respect for their ability to articulate themselves.

It is *what* they choose say with that skill, specifically the ‘last stands‘ they choose to make and hills they choose to die on with those skills, that puts my spirit ill-at-ease.

Because these two men are oblivious gaslighters —

Individuals for whom any concept or notion of them that doesn’t align with their self-perception is automatically folded into a victim mindset-based stance of:

‘I just don’t understand why.’

When you build a castle/narrative on this notion,

when you park the car there and go no further,

that is a problem.

I name these men, too, water-muddiers.

White privilege castle-inhabiters,

with a baffling (considering their clear conversational keenness and intelligence) self-implemented selective blindness to the basic reality of an issue,

like Racism, Politics and more.

Colin, David —

it *is* an obvious and objective fact that Trump being on Twitter is dangerous,

and when you say you advocate him being on the platform indicates you are very distant from the reality of what we were all, globally, on the verge of with that monster at the helm of the world’s greatest nation.

It has nothing to do with ‘the left starting to fall in love with corporations’.

You alienate communities like Kinda Funny when you choose to make your ‘last stand’ on these ‘contrarian-on-principle’ hills.

Because it means you are detached from the consequences of your actions and opinions.

You prioritise saying these things and holding these stances at the cost of basic humanity,

At the cost of clarity and holding a unified front.

It’s like saying you ‘just don’t understand what the problem is’ when you try to defend your inaction in the face of the suffering of others.

And, worst of all, equating those who choose to unify to help an ailing humanity ‘conformists‘.

Basically, people have left you (and you too, David) largely behind not because you have ‘hot takes’ or are ‘disruptive’ —

it’s because we as a collective organism have identified you as dead, anti-life genes.

When you try to muddy the waters by saying that creating categories for people to finally feel represented is tantamount to ‘returning to labels’ betrays a profound,

and dangerous,

refusal to connect with the reality of the situation.

You must understand — a key component to being truly empathetic, is to live in reality, specifically, the reality we all live in.

Step out of your neo-conservative echo chamber.

You, like Rowling, have truly objectively wrong stances on the subjects of racism, society and politics, and the ‘opening of an argument’ about whether we need to drink water or not,

or breathing air or not,

is exhausting.

And life is short. And no one wants to be exhausted when they don’t have to.

I implore you both, as creators whose takes in the realms of art and entertainment I truly admire,

to do an overhaul of your stances in realms outside of those.

With respect and a love for humanity/using our short time on earth in the best way possible,