The Dual Meaning Of Plant: Cell-Based (Production Plant) & Flora-Based (Edible Plant) Meat In 2025

Memphis Meats.

No more animal death.


Enough said.

Dear Memphis Meats,

I can’t even express how grateful I am for your endeavour -

With amazing folks like yourselves starting this new status quo in the making, one which will see abattoirs worldwide shut down permanently and remembered only as relics of the dark ages,

We will truly have taken a huge leap in the evolution of our species.

You amazing people are bringing much needed light to humanity’s soul, and I would love to contribute.

Is there a PayPal I can directly donate to regularly?

I saw the IndieGoGo but I think it has closed down.

Please let me know - I want to donate right up until I go to the local shop one day and pick up (or order online) a lovely pack of cell-based steak :)

Looking forward to your reply!

Impossible-to-put-into-words grateful regards,


Australian Artist