The Evertelling

The Quantumyth’s tales did not occur long ago in a distant realm, nor are they scryings of future events:

They are occurring at this very moment, by a process known by The Resonants as The Evertelling:

This is based on ‘the core truth of all of existence’, the most prominent mythological figure in their beliefs:

Olvisutar, The Primentity, whose birth dance occurred along the pre-eternal layline, and who, themselves, is/was/will be the embodiment of pure, timeless eternity.

And since all that ever was, is, or shall ever be emerged from them (including every possible universe and their trillions of inhabitants), these shards of the Primentity are they themselves infinite and timeless, occuring at all times.

Untranslated entries from Resonant tomes notably begin with the passage ‘in a time long since past, present and yet to be’, indicating this from this outset.