The Eye Of The Webbish Bog

The Eye Of The Webbish Bog sounds like a 3LP Yes Album - the Prog Rock vibes are real! Insanely frustrating that it was left out. Imagine the version of TROS where it has none of the Skywalker stuff and focused on Rey’s story? Imagine if it was six Skywalker films, and we were talking about a new Six film cycle about Rey’s journey? Everything felt so shoved in and rushed along awkwardly with ST, With stories like this showing the brilliance of what could have been. As usual the real heroes of these films are the SFX folks - I’ve lost some faith in SW because of the way the ST was handled, it clearly should never have existed, but at the same time stories like this - of Star Wars’ true creative and enticingly/timelessly mythological identity being alive and well, just behind the surface - give me hope and remind me that the Star Wars I love is still alive, in there, somewhere. Let’s have a Scanlan Trilogy and more weird/mythical/brand new Star Wars, I say!