The Fallacy Of ‘Lifestyle Change’ Language & True Mind-Body Cooperation

When you get a giant boil, do you say:

"Ok, well don't think of getting rid of this boil as a 'temporary period of healing' - it’s more like a lifestyle change! That's right, you’ll be applying disinfectant and ice your whole life from here!"

The body freaks out and rejects that because the body doesn’t like to be told that a permanent unpleasant thing will be the norm from there on.


Overweight like any other swelling - it is a wound,

A wound that like any other needs to be addressed, healed within a set period of time,

then ‘adjusted normalcy’ (AN) can resume.

This means that *after* the period of recovery (which is about truly levelling with your body and ressuring it that this excess weight loss period temporary and when the end is achieved AN will begin),

Slight measures are taken to ensure the boil doesn’t return:

Eating a little cleaner, less, and maintaining your true weight (sidebar: to find this, consult your BMI for this - at 179cm and 80kg mine is 70kg, in the lower end of the health range) with minimal to little variance from there on - which, if it does occur, a much briefer 'healing' period (say from 71 back to 70) can be done in a few days, rather than 2 months.

Stop internally subconsciously terrorising your body with inner threat language to which it will only rebel, resist and punish the mind. You can't do this on your own. You need your body on your side, as your ally.

And the body haaates 'long road ahead' language!

It doesn’t want to be told that it’ll be in a state of healing (in a hospital or wearing a bandaid) for the rest of its life ('lifestyle change language').

Because that’s simply not whats needed to correctly and healthily heal the boil.

Clarity is needed. Perspective. Patience. And with DFMI excess fat loss, these are quickly and satisfyingly rewarded, with no hunger signals anymore within a matter of days of starting (what I call 'the body coming on board'):

STAGE 1 - DFMI Intake adjustment only

Sample day: 2 fingers of salmon and tomato at 8am, 2 fingers of salmon and tomato at 6pm, water in between (letting each bite be the universe it is), immersing into so much: reading, watching films and videos, tidying, finishing admin tasks, filling your life with life.

Sample day: 2 fingers of chicken and tomato at 8am, 2 fingers of salmon and a teaspoon each of PB and jelly at 6pm

STAGE 2 - DFMI + Adding slight movement

Even 20 mins on the treadmill will help send that number over the edge, and you can start 'closing the gates' - saying a permanent farewell to certain weights (for me I recently bid a lifelong farewell to 85, 84, 83, 82, and 81).

Make this as easy and obstacle-less as possible - yup, in that shirt and pants, let’s walk or tread, right now -no prep or big stuff (getting into gym gear etc) needed. Let’s go - 20 mins on your phone, brisk walking and you’re done and back to other stuff.

STAGE 3 - DFMI + Slight Movement + Some HIIT/Hikes

This is the hard earth portion which every excess weight loss journey has, and it's not going to be difficult with the aforementioned clarity and patience. HIIT can be anything and doesn’t have to be full sessions at all. 5-7 mins of jumping jacks or burpees, that works. Set a timer, get it done, back to ‘doing nothing to achieve so much’ - resting excess weight loss (EWL) with water and perspective.

If you’re out there reading this, here’s an chart:

1-2kg of EWL = 2-3 days of the DFMI cycle

3-5kg of EWL = 1-2 weeks of the DFMI cycle

7-10kg of EWL = 1 month of the DFMI cycle

10-15kg of EWL = 1-2 months of the DFMI cycle

15-20kg of EWL = 2-3 months of the DFMI cycle

21-25kg of EWL = 3-4 months of the DFMI cycle

and so on. The point is it’s not a permanent Time that your body should fear will be the status quo.

it knows and one of the conditions of its agreement and cooperation is that AN will be great, variances solves in 2-3 days, and you‘ll both get to feel so confident and accomplish so much.

Solution through Cooperation my friends, and most importantly, truth.