The Height Of Entitlement

Blessing: A Resident Evil 3 demo is on the way. Does that excite you?

Imran: I mean, *NO*, because I played it *LAST WEEK*...


I fucking hate entitlement.

Most of all, I hate oblivious, unchallenged, constantly enabled entitlement.

And that shit is RAMPANT in the video games journalism industry.

Game Informer, where Imran came from, is by far the worst offender.

There's not a video or podcast of theirs I've watched or listened to where one or more of the hosts don't,

On multiple occasions, complain, whine and nitpick.

Not to mention every time I see them, and how poorly they are treating their bodies,

I ask myself 'THIS? This is what you choose to have a problem with? What about what's under your chin?

Or hanging off your torsos?' As un-PC as it may be of me, I don't accept leniency with 'fat culture' -

Your body is your square one, your base of operations for your existence.

If you don't have some clear system of nurturing there,

9/10 times I really can't stomach what you have to say,

especially when it comes to making judgements about others.

Look, I'm not even saying you have to refuse early-access journalist-exclusive demos on principled grounds.

I’m just saying PLEASE do not be an entitled prick when someone asks you wether or not you’re excited about,


THE PUBLIC getting the demo, not YOU.

Why take that moment to make it about yourself?

Such a Self-centred prick move, Imran.

And I’ve actually heaped a fair bit of praise on you dude, in the past, for being the most discerning, insightful member of the KF crew.

Call out your friends and family, folks -

it’s the only way to stop toxic behaviour from growing.