Fat To Foraging: The Life-Changing Magic Of Conscious Dopamine Source Conversion

Your chosen source of satisfaction is important.

It is possible to shift dopamine sources.

not to mention very fulfilling.

you can shift from getting dopamine from smoking to cooking or cleaning the house, for instance.

in my case I’m shifting my dopamine source from how good it feels to eat food,

to how good it feels - the actual tangible and highly noticeable physical sensation - of losing excess weight.

My chosen method and central unassailable tenet for this is:

Just remember that eating is the opposite of losing weight - you can figure out the rest from there. Overall it means a reduction in Total food mass intake throughout the day. You don’t have to go hungry though. Foraging is working great. A dark chocolate square here, a piece of seaweed there, a bit of chicken breast there. A banana. Fundamentally though, I’m going from putting roughly 400-500 grams of food into my body each day to roughly 200-300 grams. There’s almost total freedom as to what kinds, chiefly avoiding heavy Fat-per-cubic-cm and hard to break down hitters like cheese and bread and the like.

sample day

11am - 1 piece of dark chocolate

11:10am - 10 small sheets of seaweed

11:20am - 1 banana

2pm - Index & middle finger sized Piece of chicken

10pm - Index & middle finger sized piece of chicken

10:10pm - banana

When you find a day that works, copy and vary it. Duh.


leverage your Laziness into results - it’s more complicated to add multiple things to your Lose It app, so have fewer things, hehe.


like a marathon, excess weight loss has stages.

for me, from 85 to 80 (deadline: March 15) I’ll be almost exclusively focused on reducing food mass intake, unconcerned with dedicated exercise.

from 80 to 75 (deadline: May 30) I’ll continue what I was Doing from 85 to 80 (reduced food mass intake) and add in very light exercise every other day.

75 to 70 (deadline: September 1) will be the true test, and will require a concentrated period of fat-shedding Discipline. Continuing 85-80‘s reduced food mass intake.

Continuing 80-75‘s increased light exercise.

and last but not least, adding bi-weekly fun ‘event‘ level exercises such as obstacle courses or big sight seeing runs.


keep busy when shifting dopamine types, dive into errands and updates and tidying and films and friends and more, this helps dislodge the old patterns.

also, think of any other instance of the body where something swells up from trauma. Your tummy is the same. Reduce the swelling. And the way to do that is to do less of the thing that led to the swelling in the first place which is filling it so much.

As for how to be able to tell that you‘re doing this, apps help to an extent, but you can ‘switch off the targeting computer’ and just listen to the body. You just know it you’ve put 100% (weight gain) of food in your body, or 120% (Weight gain), or 70% (subtle weight loss), or 30-40% (healthy weight loss).


to see the fun in the process, the childlike engagement and excitement of trying experiments (different foragingredients) and seeing a number change (lower).

With these conditions, ‘the factory can finally start up again and do its work’, now that the supplier isn’t clogging the conveyor belts with more import than there are workers or time to break down.

And then after I’ve reached my target of 70kg,

it will shift again, from how good it feels to lose excess weight,

to how good it feels to maintain a healthy weight.

This is all within your power right now.