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The Quantumyth Saga - Part 0 - The Origin

This is an edited version of 'The Quantumyth Saga - Part 0 - The Origin', a book written and illustrated by Albert Chessa. Please see page 333 of 'The Quantumyth Compendium' for a full list of Quantumyth books, release dates and interactive/animated/televisual/theatrical/other adaptations.

Front Cover


Part 0

The Origin

written and illustrated by Albert Chessa

(open book)

Inner Cover (Left)


Page 1 (Right)

[Title and Author Details]


Page 2 (Left)

[Hand-drawn Sigil of Almaru, the House of Sheyodi, Resonant of the Author]


Page 3 (Right)


Across the unglimpsed realms of Preternity, a formless energy stirs...


In the pre-nothingness, an endlessly fluctuating, invisible field thrums and ripples eternally.

When brought into the awareness of an onlooking consciousness —

such as your own, dear reader/player —

beholding it, or even attempting to conceive of it,

this previously inconceivable concept begins to manifest itself, taking the form of whomsoever

said consciousness belongs to.

For you and I, this is the shape of a human being, albeit genderless, faceless, and for now, without fully tangible form.


This being materialises seated by the edge of a cosmic lake, mirroring us, the writer and reader of this story alike, perched on the precipice of an endless field of unknown knowledge, leaning in.

In the reflection of the lake, the being 'sees' (eyelessly) the rippling water, which — due to thought and reality sharing the same field of pre-existence in this proto-primal, timeless era — results in the figure's face begin to ripple itself.

The facial features morph into your own, the person experiencing this story right now.

This entity is known as The Primentity, whose name in the language of the Resonants (more on them later) is Olvisutar — The One Who Is All.

Now with eyes to see, a mind to think and a mouth to speak, The Primentity looks into the four cardinal directions, as well as up and down.

The Primentity's First Realisation is the inherent omniversality of existence.

The Primentity's Second Realisation - of Form, Void and Infinity - comes when they recognise the lake before them, and the void behind them, and their eternal place between the two.

Now armed with this 'flint', of two opposing forces able to create life between them, the powers of creation now rapidly awaken within The One Being.


The sheer magnitude of The One Being's conceptualising of Duality *creates* Duality itself, and two beings spring forth from them:

Void — Ara — She Who Exists Beyond.

Form — Oro — He Who Exists Within.

And immediately become rivals and lovers alike, being at once each other's complete and distinct opposite, yet also their closest kindred.

The first eight of their repeated clashes, which continue to this day, likewise began to take on form.


Ara and Oro's progeny came, one by one:

The First Child, Darkness, whose Resonant name is Dorthu.

The Second Child, Reflection, whose Resonant name is Inuni.

The Third Child, Light, whose Resonant name is Nayesh.

The Fourth Child, Air, whose Resonant name is Olusha.

The Fifth Child, Quintessence, whose Resonant name is Xyrtha.

The Sixth Child, Fire, whose Resonant name is Vayar.

The Seventh Child, Water, whose Resonant name is Kaedora.

and The Eighth Child, Earth, whose Resonant name is Zayur.

Eight fundamental forces, governed over by their eternal bearers. Each pairing of energies birthed a god, whose qualities were a blend of the two.


The twenty-eight offspring of the elementernals (whose tales are recounted in the appendices) came into being in a grand tumult, with their order of emergence (7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 = 28) lost to eternity:

The Child of Dark and Light, Twilight, whose Resonant name is Pelku.

The Child of Fire and Light, Lightning, whose Resonant name is Zyrdan.

The Child of Earth and Light, Crystal, whose Resonant name is Chitaya.

The Child of Water and Light, Colour, whose Resonant name is Arboa.

The Child of Air and Light, Joy, whose Resonant name is Selki.

The Child of Quintessence and Light, Dream, whose Resonant name is Erdu.

The Child of Reflection and Light, Wisdom, whose Resonant name is Aratha.

The Child of Fire and Darkness, Fury, whose Resonant name is Arkath.

The Child of Earth and Darkness, Cave, whose Resonant name is Durtha.

The Child of Water and Darkness, Lake, whose Resonant name is Kilka.

The Child of Air and Darkness, Trickery, whose Resonant name is Zyras.

The Child of Quintessence and Darkness, Night, whose Resonant name is Olkos.

The Child of Reflection and Darkness, Fear, whose Resonant name is Salosh.

The Child of Earth and Fire, Volcano, whose Resonant name is Kurzun.

The Child of Water and Fire, Fog, whose Resonant name is Orloth.

The Child of Air and Fire, Warmth, whose Resonant name is Ulfi.

The Child of Quintessence and Fire, Unity, whose Resonant name is Alma.

The Child of Reflection and Fire, Lust, whose Resonant name is Karesh.

The Child of Air and Water, Rain, whose Resonant name is Pyreth.

The Child of Earth and Water, Land, whose Resonant name is Elu.

The Child of Quintessence and Water, Ocean, whose Resonant name is Oleth.

The Child of Reflection and Water, Awareness, whose Resonant name is Ervun.

The Child of Earth and Air, Flight, whose Resonant name is Rendin.

The Child of Quintessence and Air, Muse, whose Resonant name is Quyan.

The Child of Reflection and Air, Courage, whose Resonant name is Semnu.

The Child of Earth and Reflection, Sight, whose Resonant name is Teytani.

The Child of Quintessence and Reflection, Perception, whose Resonant name is Alara.

and The Child of Earth and Quintessence, Courage, whose Resonant name is Algana.

The tales of these gods — love, hate, jealousy, revenge, adventure, betrayal, joy and more — fill countless tomes in the Great Resonant Library of Vynth (see appendices), and among their feats was the creation of their very own demigod children.

Chapter 6 — THE ASPECTRI

The Children of the Gods — the minor or lesser gods — are endless in number.

They are refinements of their ancestors — more intermixed, and thus, more multifaceted.

Just as their great-great-grandparent,

The Primentity Olvisutar (The One Who Is All) embodied and governed All That Is,

How their great-grandparents Ara and Oro (The Eternal Pair) embodied and governed duality,

How their grandparents (The Elementernals) embodied and governed The elements,

and how their parents (The Omnipantheon) embodied and governed The Fundamentals of emotion,

thought and nature,

The Aspectri (or Apsectrumites, known as Ulaphon in the Resonant language) embody and govern even more specific attributes, elements and shards of existence.

These are sixty-seven of them, each with their own wondrous and fantastical true forms whose avatars can be summoned by Resonant sages in battle, though their true number is without counting.

The Aspect of Adornment, The Gilded, Kaladeen.

The Aspect of Anguish, The Shatterheart, Vamruhai.

The Aspect of Artifice, The Forger, Demelze.

The Aspect of Ascendance, The Risen, Zarathranon.

The Aspect of Assurance, Veshka

The Aspect of Beckoning, Volundrayesh

The Aspect of Bravery — Boldheart — Gasparde

The Aspect of Brazenness, Beleros —

The Aspect of Caution, Nauraloth — 

The Aspect of Celebration, Kaldorias

The Aspect of Command — Ruler — Kaboka

The Aspect of Communion, The Wellwisher, Namdalash.

The Aspect of Compassion, The Embracer, Chandaru.

The Aspect of Contrast — Juxtaposian —  Valkayorne

The Aspect of Cunning, Kurvandayar —

The Aspect of Deception — Deceiver — Zalvantis

The Aspect of Direction, Navoyar — 

The Aspect of Discovery, Algaravidas

The Aspect of Displacement — Breaker —  Hestaroze

The Aspect of Faith, The Bearer, Vethlas.

The Aspect of Favour, Almareth

The Aspect of Focus — Sharpsight —  Kundalas

The Aspect of Forbearance — The Steelheart —  Rultharion

The Aspect of Freedom, Talmavadir

The Aspect of Grief — Shattered —  Glimmerdene

The Aspect of Haste — Quickener —  Vondalur

The Aspect of Hatred, Auvadyr — 

The Aspect of Hubris — Bringer —  Malphonse

The Aspect of Hunting, Antaleph —

The Aspect of Incongruity, The Shifter, Dhanyamat.

The Aspect of Injustice, Malkavath

The Aspect of Intelligence, Althronedes —

The Aspect of Judgement, Zalmaphaire

The Aspect of Justice, Vulamshivar

The Aspect of Kinship, The Bondkeeper, Clemat.

The Aspect of Loyalty, The Lealheart, Bercynnion.

The Aspect of Melding, The Coalescent, Nelshan.

The Aspect of Mercy, The Giver, Kizrashir.

The Aspect of Mourning, The Bereaver, Bonavere.

The Aspect of Myth, Kurayavana —

The Aspect of Nobility, Relphranor —

The Aspect of Opposition, The Confronter, Naldoros.

The Aspect of Oppression — Oppressor —  Harnadûn

The Aspect of Pain, Dolthuros — 

The Aspect of Patience — Beholder —  Vempata

The Aspect of Plenty, The Provider, Beauranot.

The Aspect of Power, The Smiter, Targahynde.

The Aspect of Pride, Althurion — 

The Aspect of Rage, The Scourer, Oriphos.

The Aspect of Readiness — Fireheart — Astavalur

The Aspect of Rebellion — Transgressor — Ostavur

The Aspect of Reckoning — Reckoner — Eldoreth

The Aspect of Redemption, Ulandrayar

The Aspect of Refusal — Forsaker — Jalhamphirat

The Aspect of Remembrance, The Keeper, Ramandras.

The Aspect of Spices, Zardushka —

The Aspect of Spite, Jaranthazyr —

The Aspect of Storytelling, Valushandra

The Aspect of Summoning, The Conjurite, Paravanthe.

The Aspect of Supplication — Kneeler — Volmayoon

The Aspect of Terror, The Darkbringer, Kovasha.

The Aspect of Transference - Changer — Shadlemaire

The Aspect of Treachery, The Betrayer, Radomaj.

The Aspect of Truth — Mover — Aulvadyr

The Aspect of Vision — Seer — Falmaraj

The Aspect of Worship, Nagarajah 

The Aspect of Youth — Vibrant —  Kalvunni

Their descendants are ‘Those Who Dwell Within And Without’ — thirty of which are named here — inhabitants of every corner of existence, The Resonants.



The Allkeepers (6):

Lust — Albert Chessa — Sheyodi

Being — Ray — Alnari 

Learning — Tom — Tuja

Song — Eirlys — Raja

Wandering — Matteo — Janayo

Deception — S. — Thurva

Conflict — Y. — Arathis

Kolo, a soul with the energy of rejoicing or bringing comfort to others, lives within my friend Oliver, author and comedian.

Urvâd, a soul with the energy of lusting or coveting, lives within a figure from my past.

Dulmé, a soul with the energy of escaping or fleeing, lives within a figure from my past.

Varulah, a soul with the energy of laughter or revelry, lives within my old friend George, a sportsman.

Eluni, a soul with the energy of sleeping, lives within my old friend Cory, an author and scholar.

Almaru, a soul with the energy of calming, lives within my sister Valentina, a craftswoman.

Urza, a soul with the energy of silencing, lives within a figure from my past.

Umaki, a soul with the energy of acceptance and understanding, lives within a tree in Canberra, Australia.

Udaya, a soul with the energy of rejection.

Mallorith, Mel, a friend.

Kirsha, a soul with the energy of hating or despising.

Uvoya, a soul with the energy of swimming or immersion.

Ozyr, a soul with the energy of confession or honesty.

Zuraj, a soul with the energy of unison or teamwork.

Poyek, a soul with the energy of competition.

Paloka, a soul with the energy of testing or hesitance.

Zalopi, a soul with the energy of nervousness or anxiety.

Mirros, a soul with the energy of attempting or trying.

Eluva, a soul with the energy of feeling or experiencing, lives within my friend Nimai, a craftswoman.

Nalar, a soul with the energy of celebration and self-effacing, lives within my friend Taraka, a musician.

Yaxan, a soul with the energy of judging.

Olmau, a soul with the energy of smiling, presence and empathy.





You (Eytuja)


We that give form to the Resonants are The Vessels — Kiruvani,

The Allhosts (7):

Seven generations removed from The One Being, we tell our tales, which are in fact those of the Resonants within:

Sheyodi, my own Resonant, showed me the Chamber of Vynth, where 100 stories were told to me, read (and embellished) from various Resonant tomes, steles and more, each from a different world, which I re-tell through word and drawing, but whose true form are ‘experienceable tales’ (interactive stories):

1. The Origin (Alnaru) existence begins (this tale)

2. The Hero (Entaph) an old man believes.

3. The Dreamer (Zomnus) deep sleep.

4. The Saviours (Korvai) a trio bonds.

5. The Uniter (Paluma) a girl connects.

6. The Nomad (Valeon) a girl awakens.

7. The Mage (Aureth) a mage strives.

8. The Father (Daldas) a father quests.

9. The Wizard (Uthren) a pair travels.

10. The Fairy (Encha) a cadre explores.

11. The Device (Alterchron) space-time.

12. The Maiden (Alphea) a stag-maiden.

13. The Knight (Barwyn) a tower climbed.

14. The Familiar (Ulum) a small being.

15. The Gods

16. The Spirits (Kulorn)

17. The Brothers

18. The Snatchers

19. The Guardian

20. The Thieves

21. The Armourer

22. The Expedition

23. The Shadows

24. The Pilgrims

25. The Spire

26. The Goddess

27. The Giants

28. The Newborn

29. The Girl

30. The Awakening

31. The Offering

32. The Implant

33. The School

34. The Change

35. The Healers

36. The God

37. The Shaman

38. The Archer

39. The Alignment

40. The Elders

41. The Tracker

42. The Seeker

43. The Weapon

44. The Vessel

45. The Tactician

46. The Bond

47. The Child

48. The Outcast

49. The Creature

50. The Sages

51. The Widow

52. The Fortress

53. The Shifter

54. The Diver

55. The Watcher

56. The Guardian

57. The Doctor

58. The Pilot

59. The Core

60. The Seer

61. The Investigator

62. The Traveller

63. The Shaper

64. The Rescue

65. The Contest

66. The Journey

67. The Flight

68. The Boy

69. The Woman

70. The Network

71. The Daughter

72. The Keeper

73. The Fighter

74. The Vault

75. The Dwellers

76. The Dancer

77. The Candle

78. The Painting

79. The Cult

80. The Hunter

81. The Dreamer

82. The Scientist

83. The Racer

84. The Lovers

85. The Collector

86. The Impact

87. The Manor

88. The Team

89. The Master

90. The Entity

91. The Spell

92. The Maker

93. The Rider

94. The Technician

95. The Teacher

96. The Scholar

97. The Musician

98. The Sorceress

99. The Melding

100. The Beginning

And with this 8-part tale of Origin told, I welcome you to the first of Sheyodi's tales, The Hero, which will follow.

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