The Streaming Era Is Nightmarish And Frightening

What the fuck is this?

What even IS this era we are living in?

People sitting in front of computers, doing various things but actually NOT REALLY, because every few seconds (for some of these Twitch/YouTube channels) they’re shouting out people in the chat,

they’re pressing buttons to make sounds happen, to welcome new patrons/supporters to the chat.

Nothing is ever fully being done.

Nothing is ever fully being said,

Nothing is ever fully being thought through,

Because of this constant ‘and off we go, on to the next thing/next trend/next comment/next share/next like/next shout-out/next-subscriber‘ mentality.

It is an apocalyptic paean to constant distraction, laziness and absolute substancelessness.

I am aware of the bias that occurs where each new generation reacts to the upcoming one with skepticism and resentment -

Also known as 'the crotchety old man effect', but I am truly struggling to imagine a precedent for this sheer hollowness and idiocy,

Something even remotely comparable to the utter pit of nothingness that humanity finds itself in now.

Nothing in the 20s comes to mind - nothing in the 70s comes to mind.

Because those era’s advances were paired with some kind of benefit to the world.

But the Internet -

while useful selectively (I guess I'm a radical for wishing it was regulated for use truly beneficial purposes only, such as banking, booking flights, research, online classes, donations, etc.) -

has CRIPPLED creativity.

It has DISINTEGRATED our standards,

Permanently DOOMED work ethics.

Irrevocably altered our concept of what something that is anything truly is.

Because I'll say this for the history e-books (and trust me, I plan on paying whatever I need to in order for this site to remain online for hundreds of years to come - one man's self-funded chronicle of the world):

Houses full of social media TikTok people, living together, ‘creating content’ - IS NOT ANYTHING.

No amount of Orwellian group self-brainwashing will ever convince me that it is.

These people spend all day doing absolutely nothing of lasting value,

and even MORE people spend all day WATCHING these people do absolutely nothing of lasting value.

Humanity has made itself into human shaped disposable chewing gum and others who then pick up that flavourless, empty 'content' gum, and start chewing it themselves.

It’s fucking dehumanising.