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The Terminality of our Time (Everything Has Changed)

Look at this album cover from 1979's 'All of Me' by Japanese jazz fusion legend Masayoshi Takanaka.

Look at that smile!

Now think of the fact that a smile like that can never be smiled again --

Not since the great sin(ternet) was committed.

We are in a truly torturous time --

Week 1 of the apocalypse, where things don't seem so bad.

Where the past --

A completely different (and overall far superior) time --

is so close,

Yet we are completely trapped away from it, forever.

We even have it almost-mockingly held up to our noses, in the form of the ease-of-access the internet affords.

Hollow convenience, I call it.

When I look at Masa's smile, I basically no longer want to be on this planet as it is anymore.

That doesn't mean I want to stop living -- it means the challenge, the onus is on me to somehow find a way to reconcile the fact that these 'Ghost Years' --

Lingering in YouTube's recommended pane,

Smiling, inviting, but not truly there anymore --

are something to be allowed to pass into the past.

And then I'll swing the other way and say to myself,

I feel like the human race has been given a terminally ill and incurable disease, the internet,

And it's still too early to see the hair falling out.

So when I see the purity of this image, and immerse into the simple carefree bliss of the music,

I imagine what it must be like to be blissfully unaware of life's woes.

Was simplicity, idyllic and light, always an illusion in the first place?

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