The Vibe-Cluster Phenomenon

Let me share something with you, folks. I experience 'vibe clusters', which I define as:

A sudden onrush of concatenated thoughts upon coming into contact with a certain place or memory.

Here's one:

Paramore ► Twilight ► Kristen Stewart ► Zathura ► Jumanji (Board Game/Childhood Memory) ► Magic: The Gathering (5 Topics Connected Into 1)

This is just one of my countless vibe-clusters, the name I’ve given to certain ‘memory/energy-mashes’ where a range of disparate topics are caught together in asteroid-like formations floating across my inner galaxy.

The key thing is that it’s not just memories, its instinctive inner energies too.

Tame Impala’s is truly epic:

Plaza Fountain In 1960s London (captured on vintage film, vibe) ► English Countryside (vibe) ► Dark Black Rocks on a misty beach (memory/vibe) ► After-School Care Pool Gate ► mid-80s or 90s School Gym with a picture of a dragon (vision/dream) hung up inside ► Sunlight on 70s carpet, seeing dust particles in the sun’s rays...

Primus ► 90s Ball Pits ► 90s U-Stow It Facility ► 90s One Storey Shopping Plaza

...What are some of yours?