Valeon: Legend Of The Godhounds

This is part of an ongoing series of written versions of Quantumyth tales. The stories in their true form do not belong to any medium, but as my personal favourite artform with which I resonate most, lean inherently towards the interactive experience.

Albert Chessa Presents

A Quantumyth Tale


[Written in runes around the title: “The Fifth tale of the Olmanis Manuscript, the first Quantumyth Septology”]

[Briefly, a glyph appears, which translates to: “Recounted by Old Sheyodi, Resonant Sage.”]


Thematic and Aesthetic Materials (to prime oneself before reading)

FINAL FANTASY X - going from temple to temple

ZELDA: SKYWARD SWORD - Impa closely resembles Valeon herself

HORIZON ZERO DAWN - idyllic environs with large creatures roaming

FINAL FANTASY XII - humanoid races

MIGNOLA - Vorgis = Hecate

WONDER WOMAN - Warrior-women culture (the Nomads)


A beautiful theme plays against a black screen, as white titles appear...



[Fade in from black…we pan over to a single rain drop, falling off an ancient pagoda…

Under a darkened, rainy sky, We see several carved, moss-covered standing stones. The camera angle shifts,

And we see these stones are thousands of feet tall. Suddenly, a flitting, darting shape can be seen -

The silhouette of a young girl, sprinting across the stones, leaping from platform to platform.

Her face is wrapped in a patterned scarf, two coils of it trailing behind her artfully.

A glint in the corner of her eye — the great temple she’s making her way towards. She is close now.

Thunder strikes, and the stone she meant to leap to next crumbles ahead of her - her eyes widen,

then narrow, focusing on the stone platform beyond it…the temple itself. She picks up her speed,

sprinting impossibly fast, and...with a rhythmic series of escalating, sodden thuds…

She propels herself across the night sky, ripping her sodden scarf off, flinging it like a rope towards the Temple…!]

[Voice over in Ancient Speech, subtitled)

"…There is a story that is told by all cultures…"

"…The story of how our world, Orumis, was made…"


"…Like any child, our world came from the merging of two - Mother, and Father."

…The Father, whose name was Creation, gave Shape to the world, and all those living in it.

…and The Mother, whose name was Destruction, was the Nothingness that he wove life from.

She was the God of Death…He, of Life.

What he would make, she would unmake. What he would build, bring order to…she would scatter to the wind, bring to chaos.

Terrifying was she, but without her, He would have no had canvas to paint upon…no materials to sculpt with.

Indeed, for anything to come to be, Nothingness needs a seed

[An animation of a tree seed appears]

The air to carry it…

[The seed is blown across the screen]

The earth to shelter it...

[The seed is buried…]

The water, to nourish it —

[Rain falls upon the earth]

The life-fire within to grow it -

[The seed sprouts]

…and the unseen essence, the call to void, that unmakes that life and returns it to its place of origin

[The plant wilts and fades]

...All these scattered elements must be brought together to create the cycle of life.

[We see the two deities, following their natures, creating and unmaking patterns around them]

And Though they were opposites, they were also kindred — inseparable. Lovers.

They knew that, together, they could create great things - wondrous things.

And so, one day, they chose to make something they had never attempted to make before —

An entire world, and all the living things within it.

And so they did…and thus Orumis, our world, was born.

…But when the People, whom they had created in their Likeness, Awoke…

They, the children of gods, grew to become fearful of Death...and loving of Creation.

Death, supported by Creation, tried to explain to her quivering children that she was natural,

That she was their mother…whose bosom they sprang from, and the home to which they will all return some day.

But they wouldn’t have it. The children’s fearful cries filled the night, and all nights thereafter.

And over many lifetimes, Death came to be feared, shunned, and unloved.

Slowly, Death grew jealous….

Jealous of the love her children would give only to their Father, a love which she herself was denied.

Unable to accept this, she grew instead to believe that the children themselves had been born with a flaw

For how could they not love that which is closest to to them, which bore them, and to which they are inexorably fated to return to?

To her, the nascent world had to have been infected at birth…infected with Fear, which made them weak.

Which made them a failed experiment, to be disposed of, and everything reattempted.

Death approached Creation with this proposition, of ‘getting it right the next time’, creating children who loved them both.

Creation was understandably horrified,

And confronted her on her growing anger and frustration towards their children.

Pleading for her to understand, he reached out to her - but her scornful silence was all that he received.

And so, secretly instead, she plotted. Smiling all the while, to stave off any suspicion.

And then one day, when the god had finished singing his children to bed...

Weaving for them a cosmic tapestry of stars, that would one day become the bright night's sky…

SHE materialised from the shadows, and, in an instant, struck the deathly blow.

As Cosmogenic Energy poured forth from the dying god,

His celestial blood was as the shimmering star-light of his last song.

Lowering his gaze, Creation smiled.

for he had seen, in a dream the night before, that this would one day happen…he knew his life’s love all too well.

He also knew that, after he was slain, that Death intended next to smother their children…this, he would not allow.

As he fell to his knees, closing his eyes, multi-hued LIFESBLOOD spilled from him…

and in an instant, his dying will BECAME MANIFEST.

The forces of creation themselves sprang forth from his dying form,

darting outwards from his fading body in 5 directions.

The Elements of Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Ether Unleashed...

Each taking the the shape of a massive, POWERFUL and PROTECTIVE Guardian GOD HOUND.

Loyal Hounds who would guard their master’s children after his death,

Fierce hounds who would hunt down any who dared to harm them.

The Murderous Goddess lunged towards the children,

But the five hounds stood between her and they, moving as one pack to encircle her.

Surrounded, DEATH Herself stared at the Ether hound, Zandrothal, directly, and ran directly towards her.

Death and Ether fought, and though the majestic and powerful beast was able to wound her,

Death managed to break free of her grasp, and fled into the void she had spawned from.

All five hounds howled for days, chasing after the fleeing God, before letting up the pursuit,

As loyal hounds do, to return to their guardianship of their charge - the now-abandoned, and orphaned, children of gods.

Their howls of warning would never cease -

the wind through the trees, the crackle of fire, the raging ocean sounds, the earthquake rumbles, and lighting strikes -

Warning the murderous goddess to never return.

As one, the five gathered around their mother’s children, nuzzling them gently as they slept.

This precious world, that Creation himself had made, was safe in their care...for now.

As this nascent world grew, The Elemental Hounds of Creation kept their endless watch over it.

And over the long millennia, one by one, they became as one with the world, forming into five, sacred places -

A towering mountain,

A fiery volcano,

A vast lake,

A cloud formation above...

…and the cosmogenic canopy that bound them all.

Under their protection, the races of the world thrived, gathering to these grounds to give praise and gratitude to the hounds,

And to Father Creation. In these Gathering Keeps, the people tell old tales, such as this one.

Among these storytellers were the Nomads

…And among the Nomads, a young girl would one day be born.

A girl named…

[title card]


[Fade to black]

[Fade from black]

[Fade into black, and then into the opening shot, of the Nomad caravan sweeping towards the Trial Grounds,

Where Valeon climbs the great stones, adorned in her adopted mother’s scarf, and undertake the trial

of traversing to the Mountain Temple…through torrential rain and lightning…to receive her sacred mark]

[Voice over continues]

Under this divine protection, from their common god-children ancestors, five creature-races of the world arose and prospered…

the scaled Wimshi, the Water-kin…

the armour-plated Kessard, the Fire-kin…

the lithe Imbris, the Wind-kin….

the shaggy Vonaal, the Earth-kin…

And the winged Loru, the Star-kin.

…and the sixth race, the Amali - also known as humans - evolved last, and divided into three nations:

the Plainsfolk, the Cultists, and the Nomads.

Each culture and nation has their own version of the tale of Orumis’ creation, and each tell it in their own way,

trying to earn the blessing of the gods.

One way this is done is the Nomad’s rituals - in emulation of their divine protectors,

they, too, train hounds, and they see themselves and their culture as extensions of Creation’s final wish -

Patrolling the plains and protecting those who are lost or in need.

This is why they are also known as Hound-people, and why their tribes are also called packs.

One Nomad ceremony - that honours the hounds and gives rite of passage to young nomad huntresses - are the trials,

Where a young huntress must face all five elements to obtain their Houndsmark, which marks them as a mature member of the tribe,

Fit for the duty of protecting the people of Orumis on the Great Plains.

[Pan down on the tribe]

This year, as they do each year, the Olundra Tribe travel to each challenge temple, one by one, in their caravan.

The girls who have come of age are put to trial - those who survive go on to become protectors.

[After the Mountain Temple Prologue, the story cuts to the day after, when the rain has cleared.

Valeon is walking beside her fellow initiates, and we flash back to her time in the temple.

The flashbacks to the night before are the tutorial for learning the controls - leaping over obstacles, hanging to ceiling railings, etc.

Once they’ve reached the main village, the children gather around to see all their big sister’s Houndsmarks. The initiates smile.]


End Of Preview


Valeon: Legend Of The Godhounds - coming to PS5 and Xbox Series S in 2026


What Lies Ahead:


• The Creation Myth and Valeon’s Mountain Temple Trial & Tutorial

• Valeon learns more about Almarad and Vorgis, Creation and Death, who made all of life, from the Nomad’s travelling library.

• She learns of a conspiracy theory that in the myth, the genders were reversed (Creation was the mother, and Death the father).

• She reads that after making the world of Orumis, their child (the books call all of humanity one child), people praised Almarad, feared Vorgis.

• In Nomad-lore, Vorgis plotted to devour Almarad and then Orumis, and start creation anew as an omniscient god.

• Vorgis betrayed Almarad, jealous of ‘his’ power of the people, and insecure about her own. She killed him.