Valeon: Legend Of The Godhounds

This is part of an ongoing series of written versions of Quantumyth tales. The stories in their true form do not belong to any medium, but as my personal favourite artform with which I resonate most, lean inherently towards the interactive experience.

Albert Chessa Presents

A Quantumyth Tale


[Written in runes around the title: “The Fifth tale of the Olmanis Manuscript, the first Quantumyth Septology”]

[Briefly, a glyph appears, which translates to: “Recounted by Old Sheyodi, Resonant Sage.”]


Thematic and Aesthetic Materials (to prime oneself before reading)

FINAL FANTASY X - going from temple to temple

ZELDA: SKYWARD SWORD - Impa closely resembles Valeon herself

HORIZON ZERO DAWN - idyllic environs with large creatures roaming

FINAL FANTASY XII - humanoid races

MIGNOLA - Vorgis = Hecate

WONDER WOMAN - Warrior-women culture (the Nomads)


A beautiful theme plays against a black screen, as white titles appear...



[Fade in from black…we pan over to a single rain drop, falling off an ancient pagoda…

Under a darkened, rainy sky, We see several carved, moss-covered standing stones. The camera angle shifts,

And we see these stones are thousands of feet tall. Suddenly, a flitting, darting shape can be seen -

The silhouette of a young girl, sprinting across the stones, leaping from platform to platform.

Her face is wrapped in a patterned scarf, two coils of it trailing behind her artfully.

A glint in the corner of her eye — the great temple she’s making her way towards. She is close now.

Thunder strikes, and the stone she meant to leap to next crumbles ahead of her - her eyes widen,

then narrow, focusing on the stone platform beyond it…the temple itself. She picks up her speed,

sprinting impossibly fast, and...with a rhythmic series of escalating, sodden thuds…

She propels herself across the night sky, ripping her sodden scarf off, flinging it like a rope towards the Temple…!]

[Voice over in Ancient Speech, subtitled)

"…There is a story that is told by all cultures…"

"…The story of how our world, Orumis, was made…"


"…Like any child, our world came from the merging of two - Mother, and Father."

…The Father, whose name was Creation, gave Shape to the world, and all those living in it.

…and The Mother, whose name was Destruction, was the Nothingness that he wove life from.

She was the God of Death…He, of Life.

What he would make, she would unmake. What he would build, bring order to…she would scatter to the wind, bring to chaos.

Terrifying was she, but without her, He would have no had canvas to paint upon…no materials to sculpt with.

Indeed, for anything to come to be, Nothingness needs a seed

[An animation of a tree seed appears]

The air to carry it…

[The seed is blown across the screen]

The earth to shelter it...

[The seed is buried…]

The water, to nourish it —

[Rain falls upon the earth]

The life-fire within to grow it -

[The seed sprouts]

…and the unseen essence, the call to void, that unmakes that life and returns it to its place of origin

[The plant wilts and fades]

...All these scattered elements must be brought together to create the cycle of life.

[We see the two deities, following their natures, creating and unmaking patterns around them]

And Though they were opposites, they were also kindred — inseparable. Lovers.

They knew that, together, they could create great things - wondrous things.

And so, one day, they chose to make something they had never attempted to make before —

An entire world, and all the living things within it.

And so they did…and thus Orumis, our world, was born.

…But when the People, whom they had created in their Likeness, Awoke…

They, the children of gods, grew to become fearful of Death...and loving of Creation.

Death, supported by Creation, tried to explain to her quivering children that she was natural,

That she was their mother…whose bosom they sprang from, and the home to which they will all return some day.

But they wouldn’t have it. The children’s fearful cries filled the night, and all nights thereafter.

And over many lifetimes, Death came to be feared, shunned, and unloved.

Slowly, Death grew jealous….

Jealous of the love her children would give only to their Father, a love which she herself was denied.

Unable to accept this, she grew instead to believe that the children themselves had been born with a flaw

For how could they not love that which is closest to to them, which bore them, and to which they are inexorably fated to return to?

To her, the nascent world had to have been infected at birth…infected with Fear, which made them weak.

Which made them a failed experiment, to be disposed of, and everything reattempted.

Death approached Creation with this proposition, of ‘getting it right the next time’, creating children who loved them both.

Creation was understandably horrified,

And confronted her on her growing anger and frustration towards their children.

Pleading for her to understand, he reached out to her - but her scornful silence was all that he received.

And so, secretly instead, she plotted. Smiling all the while, to stave off any suspicion.

And then one day, when the god had finished singing his children to bed...

Weaving for them a cosmic tapestry of stars, that would one day become the bright night's sky…

SHE materialised from the shadows, and, in an instant, struck the deathly blow.

As Cosmogenic Energy poured forth from the dying god,

His celestial blood was as the shimmering star-light of his last song.

Lowering his gaze, Creation smiled.

for he had seen, in a dream the night before, that this would one day happen…he knew his life’s love all too well.

He also knew that, after he was slain, that Death intended next to smother their children…this, he would not allow.

As he fell to his knees, closing his eyes, multi-hued LIFESBLOOD spilled from him…

and in an instant, his dying will BECAME MANIFEST.

The forces of creation themselves sprang forth from his dying form,

darting outwards from his fading body in 5 directions.

The Elements of Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Ether Unleashed...

Each taking the the shape of a massive, POWERFUL and PROTECTIVE Guardian GOD HOUND.

Loyal Hounds who would guard their master’s children after his death,

Fierce hounds who would hunt down any who dared to harm them.

The Murderous Goddess lunged towards the children,

But the five hounds stood between her and they, moving as one pack to encircle her.

Surrounded, DEATH Herself stared at the Ether hound, Zandrothal, directly, and ran directly towards her.

Death and Ether fought, and though the majestic and powerful beast was able to wound her,

Death managed to break free of her grasp, and fled into the void she had spawned from.

All five hounds howled for days, chasing after the fleeing God, before letting up the pursuit,

As loyal hounds do, to return to their guardianship of their charge - the now-abandoned, and orphaned, children of gods.

Their howls of warning would never cease -

the wind through the trees, the crackle of fire, the raging ocean sounds, the earthquake rumbles, and lighting strikes -

Warning the murderous goddess to never return.

As one, the five gathered around their mother’s children, nuzzling them gently as they slept.

This precious world, that Creation himself had made, was safe in their care...for now.

As this nascent world grew, The Elemental Hounds of Creation kept their endless watch over it.

And over the long millennia, one by one, they became as one with the world, forming into five, sacred places -

A towering mountain,

A fiery volcano,

A vast lake,

A cloud formation above...

…and the cosmogenic canopy that bound them all.

Under their protection, the races of the world thrived, gathering to these grounds to give praise and gratitude to the hounds,

And to Father Creation. In these Gathering Keeps, the people tell old tales, such as this one.

Among these storytellers were the Nomads

…And among the Nomads, a young girl would one day be born.

A girl named…

[title card]


[Fade to black]

[Fade from black]

[Fade into black, and then into the opening shot, of the Nomad caravan sweeping towards the Trial Grounds,

Where Valeon climbs the great stones, adorned in her adopted mother’s scarf, and undertake the trial

of traversing to the Mountain Temple…through torrential rain and lightning…to receive her sacred mark]

[Voice over continues]

Under this divine protection, from their common god-children ancestors, five creature-races of the world arose and prospered…

the scaled Wimshi, the Water-kin…

the armour-plated Kessard, the Fire-kin…

the lithe Imbris, the Wind-kin….

the shaggy Vonaal, the Earth-kin…

And the winged Loru, the Star-kin.

…and the sixth race, the Amali - also known as humans - evolved last, and divided into three nations:

the Plainsfolk, the Cultists, and the Nomads.

Each culture and nation has their own version of the tale of Orumis’ creation, and each tell it in their own way,

trying to earn the blessing of the gods.

One way this is done is the Nomad’s rituals - in emulation of their divine protectors,

they, too, train hounds, and they see themselves and their culture as extensions of Creation’s final wish -

Patrolling the plains and protecting those who are lost or in need.

This is why they are also known as Hound-people, and why their tribes are also called packs.

One Nomad ceremony - that honours the hounds and gives rite of passage to young nomad huntresses - are the trials,

Where a young huntress must face all five elements to obtain their Houndsmark, which marks them as a mature member of the tribe,

Fit for the duty of protecting the people of Orumis on the Great Plains.

[Pan down on the tribe]

This year, as they do each year, the Olundra Tribe travel to each challenge temple, one by one, in their caravan.

The girls who have come of age are put to trial - those who survive go on to become protectors.

[After the Mountain Temple Prologue, the story cuts to the day after, when the rain has cleared.

Valeon is walking beside her fellow initiates, and we flash back to her time in the temple.

The flashbacks to the night before are the tutorial for learning the controls - leaping over obstacles, hanging to ceiling railings, etc.

Once they’ve reached the main village, the children gather around to see all their big sister’s Houndsmarks. The initiates smile.]


End Of Preview


Valeon: Legend Of The Godhounds - coming to PS5 and Xbox Series S in 2026


What Lies Ahead:


• The Creation Myth and Valeon’s Mountain Temple Trial & Tutorial

• Valeon learns more about Almarad and Vorgis, Creation and Death, who made all of life, from the Nomad’s travelling library.

• She learns of a conspiracy theory that in the myth, the genders were reversed (Creation was the mother, and Death the father).

• She reads that after making the world of Orumis, their child (the books call all of humanity one child), people praised Almarad, feared Vorgis.

• In Nomad-lore, Vorgis plotted to devour Almarad and then Orumis, and start creation anew as an omniscient god.

• Vorgis betrayed Almarad, jealous of ‘his’ power of the people, and insecure about her own. She killed him.

• Almarad is destroyed, but ‘his’ fragments take on the form of his vengeful will - the hunting hounds (as the Nomad’s call them).

• Five godhounds, each an embodiment of an element - five hunting hounds, giving pursuit to the killer of their master, and would-be childslayer.

• they chased after him, but the coward fled, and the five returned to care for baby Orumis, who was crying in their parent’s absence.

• All that remained to look after the child was the godhounds, who took on the role of parents, and watched the child raise themselves.

• The Godhounds have kept watch ever since, living in and as the elements, guarding against Vorgis, ensuring she never returns.

• This tale is told in all cultures, including that of the Nomads…


The nomad’s meet - Jakarne and Valeon’s bond (and ritual) is introduced.


Valeon does the second trial (Earth, the first was Wind). Before she can gain her Stonemark (to go next to her Skymark) though,

a cataclysm occurs (the earth temple begins to crumble, the reason for which is yet to be revealed) and Valeon has a “glimpse vision”:

• She is surrounded by a maelstrom of elemental hounds, mourning, in pain, corrupted.

• Each of them are lashing out at her, angrily.

She passes out in the temple and is carried by a cave-river to a nearby fishing village.

The fish people, Wimshi, go up to her. Parting the crowd, a sage approaches.


The water sage, Niquar, takes her.


In the imperial city, the cultist leader receives a message from “the dark one” - kill “my ancient enemy reborn”.

The cultist leader ponders the message, but because of its vagueness, he doesn’t know where to start looking for this enemy.

He asks his alchemists to aid him in prompting another vision, for more clarity.


The sage brings Valeon to her hovel on her mount, Brinkle, a starfish-seahorse hybrid. When she wakes,

Niquar says her vision-wounds needed magical tending, and that her tribe agreed to let her heal before reaching them at the next temple (Fire)

She says she’ll never make it in time, but Niquar gestures to Brinkle, who is able to traverse great distances at speed.

She says she’ll take her to Raneem himself, the fire sage in whose domain the next temple awaits.

Valeon explores Niquar’s grounds and hovel.


Valeon helps Niquar with a local problem related to the cataclysm.


One week passes, and in the sage’s hovel, drinking Waterfern tea, Valeon asks what is happening.

Niquar tells Valeon more about that night at the Earth temple. She said the cataclysm happened so fast.

The sage said she saw the same vision as Valeon:

• Niquar speculates that Vorgis is trying to return, and is trying to kill Creation’s loyalists from the void/through servants.

• Since she is darkness itself, immateriality incarnate, she has evaded the Godhounds grasp for millions of years,

But now that they are supposedly one with the land, nothing stands in Vorgis’ way.

• Niquar lays out her full theory - He is infecting the slumbering hounds to work for him. Possessing them.

• That cataclysm at the Earth temple was the Earth hound wincing in his sleep.

• They hounds are struggling to stay out Vorgis’ grasp, but they will succumb, unless aided or awoken as their true selves,

Before they can be infected through Vorgis’ nightmares.

• Valeon asks what can be done?

• Niquar says she and the sages have been convening to solve the issue. She says she could use help.

• Valeon wonders for a moment about her tribe. Niquar reassures her that the temples won’t be there for her to complete her trials,

If they are destroyed first. This takes priority, Valeon decides.

• Niquar replies that neither she nor any of the sages have any knowledge of where the hounds are within the temple ( or if they ‘are’ the temples),

let alone of a force that could heal them

• Valeon brings up her Nomad’s Meet ceremony, her rudimentary elemental magic gained from their Godsmark -

She mentioned once hearing a story of a figure in their secret myths of one who, with all the Godmarks, can heal.

• Part of the ceremony is to gain a mark, one that “can heal the deepest darkness” and “give direction to youth”.

Valeon concedes that the myths are very old and full of metaphors, but that its worth a shot, since the Godhounds are so tied to the challenge temples.

• She proposes that rather than abandoning the trials, she needs to them even quicker, just her, ahead of her tribe,

Brought to each location by that respective location’s sage - with Niquar’s help. That way they can at least see if there’s anything to the


• Niquar asks wether they can just ask someone who’s already got all 5 marks. Niquar says they never gotten all 5 - the cosmic one

Is just done in a symbolic ceremony back at the tribe, no temple, since access to that temple is totally unknown. They don’t even know

How to reach the realm of the Loru. But a sage might.

• As Valeon is describing this, Niquar furrows her brow, looking at Valeon’s chest - a faint mark appears that wasn’t there before!

• Her Wind and Earth Godsmarks are now surrounded by very faint outlines of the other three.

• Niquar gestures to it with her staff, and it begins to resonate magically to her staff’s touch - the Five mark, unprecedentedly, magically

Appearing, if but faintly, outside of any temple.

• Both women turn to each other - ‘well, if we needed a sign that maybe this could be worth a shot, this is probably it.’

• Niquar says she has known of the Nomad’s markings and studied them, but this is the first time she’s seen this happen.

•…A five-mark appearing not at a temple one by one, but all at once, simply when a certain plan was spoken of.

A true sign from the eternal protective essence of Almarad, who exists all around Orumis as Cosmogenic Energy.

• Valeon is a bit taken aback, but is cautiously receptive towards this new revelation.

• Niquar says that her tribe only ever access the outside of the temples (symbolic, tourist level entry), sages have inner access.

In the inner temple (Godhounds still nowhere to be found), the springs of pure magic reside.

If your mark was summoned by my staff like this - and keep in mind Niquar is very old, has seen much, and has never seen this -

Perhaps they need to follow this sign. As though in agreement, at Niquar’s words, Valeon’s chest symbol faintly glows.

The Journey has begun. Niquar says lets go and update the tribe on this, say that she’s taking Valeon on as an envoy-squire,

for a special assignment, but that she as her ward will make sure Valeon will complete her trials.

Five-mark seal in place, Niquar and Valeon mount Brinkle the Star-horse-fish and head to the closest temple,

saying they can do them in any order (as well as going back to the wind and earth temples to get to the previously un-reached inner sanctums),

just with relative speediness.

Vorgis is returning, after all…


The cultist leader commissions the torturer-seers to ply their craft. Vorgis speak to him of having some sense that as soon as he made

His first move, plans are already drawn. He describes being deep in the void, and only coming through in waves. But he’s getting clearer.

His last words are ‘the temples’.

The cultist gives his first orders - sending his soldiers to the temples to be on stand-by for further instructions.


Niquar and Valeon enter the water temple together.

CHAPTER 10 - The water antechamber farewell

CHAPTER 11 - valeon enters the sacred shrine

CHAPTER 12 - valeon navigates the sacred shrine, defeats the single Baron enemy

CHAPTER 13 - valeon encounters the sick Water god hound

CHAPTER 14 - valeon defeats it, releasing the Water god hound

CHAPTER 15 - valeon gains the god hounds favour, mount, weapon (a spear) and powers (water magic)

CHAPTER 16 - valeon meets with the sage, introduces the god hound to her

CHAPTER 17 - the sage regains a memory - long ago, the hound called to it a caretaker for its slumber…

CHAPTER 18 - the sage remembers being a child long ago, called by the magic, which taught it…this culmination.

CHAPTER 19 - the sage, the hound and valeon share a moment of connection.

CHAPTER 20 - the sage shows how valeon’s ‘water’ marking is now materialised, and now the ‘fire’ symbol is glowing

CHAPTER 21 - the sage says to take her new weapon/hound/powers to the fire sage, and make the same connection

CHAPTER 22 - valeon leaves the water sage’s hovel, on the back of the water hound

CHAPTER 23 - she can now reach areas of the map that she couldn’t reach before (islands, up waterfalls)

CHAPTER 24 - she now has the powers to help those Orumisians whom she met at Tejem and couldn’t help at first

CHAPTER 25 - she discovers the border between the water province and the fire province

CHAPTER 26 - she invokes the water hound, and with her help is able to soar to the fire lands

CHAPTER 27 - Vorgis is angered, but recognises that now they know where his enemy is

CHAPTER 28 - Vorgis instructs the Baron to send his forces to the fire lands

CHAPTER 29 - valeon and the water hound arrive at the edge of a lava scape

CHAPTER 30 - the water hound must revert to her weapon form, since the heat harms her

CHAPTER 31 - valeon prepares herself, and heads into the strange fire valley

CHAPTER 32 - she makes it to Kalderi city, to a cordoned off area, and is attacked by a giant dragon hawk

CHAPTER 33 - the fire sage, Raneem, calls the creature away

CHAPTER 34 - the dark one’s enemies approach, and Raneem asks her to mount the dragon with him

CHAPTER 35 - the sage brings valeon to his hut on her mount

CHAPTER 36 - in the sage’s hut, she looks at his grand Library

CHAPTER 37 - Valeon tells Raneem of the water sage and what happened, and of the sage’s purpose - he laughs

CHAPTER 38 - Raneem reveals his past with the water sage - the are on/off lovers

CHAPTER 39 - Raneem says she’ll believe the girl when he sees her sigil glow at the antechamber site

CHAPTER 40 - the fire antechamber farewell

CHAPTER 41 - valeon enters the sacred fire shrine

CHAPTER 42 - valeon navigates the sacred fire shrine, defeats the weak Baron’s soldiers

CHAPTER 43 - valeon encounters the sick fire god hound

CHAPTER 44 - valeon defeats it, releasing the fire god hound

CHAPTER 45 - valeon gains the fire god hounds favour, mount, weapon (an axe) and powers (fire magic)

CHAPTER 46 - valeon meets with the fire sage, introduces the god hound to her

CHAPTER 47 - Raneem regains his memory as the one who built the shrine - he now believes Valeon.

CHAPTER 48 - the sage believes that he was born from the slumbering hounds’ desire to see their master again

CHAPTER 49 - the sage, the hound and valeon share a moment of connection - could Valeon be Almarad reborn?

CHAPTER 50 - the sage shows how valeon’s ‘fire’ marking is now materialised, and now the ‘air’ symbol is glowing

CHAPTER 51 - the sage says to take her new weapon/hound/powers to the air sage, and make the same connection

CHAPTER 52 - valeon leaves the fire sage’s hut, on the back of the fire hound

CHAPTER 53 - she can now reach areas of the map that she couldn’t reach before (volcanos, up lava flows)

CHAPTER 54 - she now has the powers to help Orumisians she met at Kalderi and elsewhere and couldn’t help before

CHAPTER 55 - she discovers the border between the fire province and the air province

CHAPTER 56 - she invokes the fire hound, and with it’s help is able to flow to the air land - the cloudscape.

CHAPTER 57 - Vorgis is furious, and threatens the Baron that if any more power slips from him, he will eat his people

CHAPTER 58 - The Baron offers Vorgis soldiers whom he warps into Hunter Shadows

CHAPTER 59 - valeon and the fire hound arrive at the edge of a air cloud

CHAPTER 60 - the fire hound must revert to her weapon form, since there is no oxygen for it to exist (thin air)

CHAPTER 61 - valeon prepares herself, and heads into the strange cloud scape

CHAPTER 62 - she makes it to Nabiru station, gets a mask, and is forced off a cliff by poachers

CHAPTER 63 - the air sage, Algarast, rescues them from their fall on his Sky-Snail, Sylpha/Lamundra

CHAPTER 64 - the dark ones begin climbing the air spire, and Algarast brings her to his sky-keep/eyrie

CHAPTER 65 - the sage and valeon land at the eyrie

CHAPTER 66 - the sage’s hut, looking at his observatory

CHAPTER 67 - Valeon tells Algarast of the fire sage and what happened, and of the sage’s purpose - he leans in.

CHAPTER 68 - Algarast reveals his past - feud with the ether sage/earth sage

CHAPTER 69 - Algarast says he wants to see the sigil glow at the antechamber site

CHAPTER 70 - the air antechamber farewell

CHAPTER 71 - valeon enters the sacred air shrine

CHAPTER 72 - valeon navigates the sacred air shrine, defeats great dark ones sent by the Baron

CHAPTER 73 - valeon encounters the sick air god hound

CHAPTER 74 - valeon defeats it, releasing the air god hound

CHAPTER 75 - valeon gains the air god hounds favour, mount, weapon (a bow) and powers (air magic)

CHAPTER 76 - valeon meets with the air sage, introduces the god hound to her

CHAPTER 77 - Algarast regains his memory as the one who built the shrine - he now believes Valeon.

CHAPTER 78 - the sage remembers that he was born from the slumbering hounds’ desire to see their master again

CHAPTER 79 - the sage, the hound and valeon share a moment of connection - could Valeon be Almarad reborn?

CHAPTER 80 - the sage shows how valeon’s ‘air’’ marking is now materialised, and now the ‘earth’ symbol is glowing

CHAPTER 81 - the sage says to take her new weapon/hound/powers to the earth sage, and make the same connection

CHAPTER 82 - valeon leaves the air sage’s eyrie, on the back of the air hound

CHAPTER 83 - she can now reach areas of the map that she couldn’t reach before (cloud formations, sky islands)

CHAPTER 84 - she now has the powers to help Orumisians she met at Nabiru and elsewhere and couldn’t help before

CHAPTER 85 - she discovers the border between the air province and the earth province

CHAPTER 86 - she invokes the air hound, and with it’s help is able to flow to the earth land - the deep caves.

CHAPTER 87 - Vorgis is mental, and follows through on his threat, saying the new world will have no human rulers

CHAPTER 88 - The Baron himself is transformed into a hideous pursuing beast

CHAPTER 89 - valeon and the air hound arrive at the edge of a mountain

CHAPTER 90 - the air hound must revert to her weapon form, since there is no oxygen deep down

CHAPTER 91 - valeon prepares herself, and heads into the deep caves

CHAPTER 92 - she makes it to Borovar Mines, and is beckoned downwards by a strange stone witch

CHAPTER 93 - the stone sage, Bresha, beckons them to follow his giant Mole Mount, Narumaj

CHAPTER 94 - the Baron Beast is burrowing to them

CHAPTER 95 - the sage and valeon reach his cosy tunnel-end den

CHAPTER 96 - the sage’s den, looking at his rock collection

CHAPTER 97 - Valeon tells Bresha of the air sage and what happened, and of the sage’s purpose - she chuckles.

CHAPTER 98 - Bresha reveals her past - she’s the outcast of the bunch

CHAPTER 99 - Bresha says she is curious to see the sigil glow at the antechamber site

CHAPTER 100 - the stone antechamber farewell

CHAPTER 101 - valeon enters the sacred earth shrine

CHAPTER 102 - valeon navigates the sacred earth shrine, defeats the Baron beast

CHAPTER 103 - valeon encounters the sick earth god hound

CHAPTER 104 - valeon defeats it, releasing the earth god hound

CHAPTER 105 - valeon gains the earth god hounds favour, mount, weapon (a hammer) and powers (earth magic)

CHAPTER 106 - valeon meets with the earth sage, introduces the god hound to her

CHAPTER 107 - Bresha regains her memory as the one who built the shrine - she now believes Valeon.

CHAPTER 108 - the sage remembers that she was born from the slumbering hounds’ desire to see their master again.

CHAPTER 109 - the sage, the hound and valeon share a moment of connection - could Valeon be Almarad reborn?

CHAPTER 110 - the sage shows how valeon’s ‘stone’ marking is now fully materialised, and now the ‘aether’ symbol is glowing

CHAPTER 111 - the sage says to take her new weapon/hound/powers to the ether sage, and make the same connection

CHAPTER 112 - valeon leaves the stone sage’s den through the back, on the back of the earth hound

CHAPTER 113 - she can now reach areas of the map that she couldn’t reach before (deep caverns, deep caves)

CHAPTER 114 - she now has the powers to help Orumisians she met at Borovar Mines and elsewhere and couldn’t help before

CHAPTER 115 - she discovers the border between the earth province and the ether realm, deep below

CHAPTER 116 - she invokes the stone hound, and with it’s help is able to flow to the ether land - the cosmic pool below.

CHAPTER 117 - Vorgis has erupted with fury, has killed everyone, and it’s on his way to the ether

CHAPTER 118 - It rips through, fully formed, on his way

CHAPTER 119 - valeon and the earth hound arrive at the edge of the deep cosmos

CHAPTER 120 - the earth hound must revert to his weapon form, since there is no solid matter in space

CHAPTER 121 - valeon prepares herself, and heads into the deep cosmos

CHAPTER 122 - she makes it to Yorgas Fringe, and she sees the sage in distance - it ignores her (ref: Holy Mountain)

CHAPTER 123 - the ether sage, Zulam, turns non-interested to them, the Eye-Eye Alvuras stares at them.

CHAPTER 124 - the sage says the enemy is on his way, come let us meditate

CHAPTER 125 - the sage and valeon reach his cosy lab

CHAPTER 126 - the sage’s lab, looking at the origin of the universe

CHAPTER 127 - Valeon tells Zulam of the stone sage, and what happened, and of the sage’s purpose - she cries.

CHAPTER 128 - Zulam reveals her/his past - she feels guilty for letting Vorgis escape.

CHAPTER 129 - Zulam says she is curious to see the sigil glow at the antechamber site.

CHAPTER 130 - the ether antechamber farewell

CHAPTER 131 - valeon enters the sacred ether shrine

CHAPTER 132 - valeon navigates the sacred ether shrine, the fiend strains through, fights his arm

CHAPTER 133 - valeon encounters the sick ether god hound

CHAPTER 134 - valeon defeats it, releasing the pure ether god hound

CHAPTER 135 - valeon gains the ether god hounds favour, mount, weapon (a sword) and powers (ether magic)

CHAPTER 136 - valeon meets with the ether sage, and all the sages are there

CHAPTER 137 - Zulam and the sages all pool their memories and powers remember

• Almarad/Valeon is recombined into herself, and all the truths are revealed

• Valeon/Almarad remembers her old self - as she died, she dissolved her light into the five hounds

• The five hounds pursued Vorgis, as an expression of her dying will

• when the five hounds went into hibernation, Almarad’s light went from the hound into the sages

• when the sages were born, and the hounds went into their death slumber, they built the shrines to protect them

• the sages in turn acted as Almarad’s will, and the shrines were built to protect her children

• after they were built, after the ages it took them each, her last will - to protect them fully - was to wipe their memory

• When Valeon/Almarad’s symbol was completed, those of the sages glowed too and all merged with her

• She regains all of herself, and remembers - Vorgis wasn’t a companion, it was a facet of herself she split with!

• As darkness and light grew and grew from the moment of creation into their complete selves, the split was inevitable

• That’s why the only way for things to go back to balance, is for extreme light to merge with extreme dark

CHAPTER 138 - Zulam says they the sages can hold him off before the last battle, but not for long - get what u need to succeed!

CHAPTER 139 - she can now reach areas of the map that she couldn’t reach before (nightmares)

CHAPTER 140 - she now has the powers to help Orumisians she met at Yorgas Fringe and elsewhere and couldn’t help before

CHAPTER 141 - she has finished helping everyone

CHAPTER 142 - she finds everything she needs, and the final battle begins

CHAPTER 143 - The Water Battle

CHAPTER 144 - The Fire Battle

CHAPTER 145 - The Air Battle

CHAPTER 146 - The Stone Battle

CHAPTER 147 - The Ether Battle

CHAPTER 148 - The Farewell

CHAPTER 149 - The Merging

CHAPTER 150 - The End

Epilogue - The Nomad’s have new carvings, and they tell of Valeon’s tale.