Valeon: Legend Of The Godhounds

This is part of an ongoing series of written versions of Quantumyth tales. The stories in their true form do not belong to any medium, but as my personal favourite artform with which I resonate most, lean inherently towards the interactive experience.

Albert Chessa Presents

A Quantumyth Tale


[Written in runes around the title: “The Fifth tale of the Olmanis Manuscript, the first Quantumyth Septology”]

[Briefly, a glyph appears, which translates to: “Recounted by Old Sheyodi, Resonant Sage.”]


Thematic and Aesthetic Materials (to prime oneself before reading)

FINAL FANTASY X - going from temple to temple

ZELDA: SKYWARD SWORD - Impa closely resembles Valeon herself

HORIZON ZERO DAWN - idyllic environs with large creatures roaming

FINAL FANTASY XII - humanoid races

MIGNOLA - Vorgis = Hecate

WONDER WOMAN - Warrior-women culture (the Nomads)


A beautiful theme plays against a black screen, as white titles appear...



[Fade in from black…we pan over to a single rain drop, falling off an ancient pagoda…

Under a darkened, rainy sky, We see several carved, moss-covered standing stones. The camera angle shifts,

And we see these stones are thousands of feet tall. Suddenly, a flitting, darting shape can be seen -

The silhouette of a young girl, sprinting across the stones, leaping from platform to platform.

Her face is wrapped in a patterned scarf, two coils of it trailing behind her artfully.

A glint in the corner of her eye — the great temple she’s making her way towards. She is close now.

Thunder strikes, and the stone she meant to leap to next crumbles ahead of her - her eyes widen,

then narrow, focusing on the stone platform beyond it…the temple itself. She picks up her speed,

sprinting impossibly fast, and...with a rhythmic series of escalating, sodden thuds…

She propels herself across the night sky, ripping her sodden scarf off, flinging it like a rope towards the Temple…!]

[Voice over in Ancient Speech, subtitled)

"…There is a story that is told by all cultures…"

"…The story of how our world, Orumis, was made…"


"…Like any child, our world came from the merging of two - Mother, and Father."

…The Father, whose name was Creation, gave Shape to the world, and all those living in it.

…and The Mother, whose name was Destruction, was the Nothingness that he wove life from.

She was the God of Death…He, of Life.

What he would make, she would unmake. What he would build, bring order to…she would scatter to the wind, bring to chaos.

Terrifying was she, but without her, He would have no had canvas to paint upon…no materials to sculpt with.

Indeed, for anything to come to be, Nothingness needs a seed

[An animation of a tree seed appears]

The air to carry it…

[The seed is blown across the screen]

The earth to shelter it...

[The seed is buried…]

The water, to nourish it —

[Rain falls upon the earth]

The life-fire within to grow it -

[The seed sprouts]

…and the unseen essence, the call to void, that unmakes that life and returns it to its place of origin

[The plant wilts and fades]

...All these scattered elements must be brought together to create the cycle of life.

[We see the two deities, following their natures, creating and unmaking patterns around them]

And Though they were opposites, they were also kindred — inseparable. Lovers.

They knew that, together, they could create great things - wondrous things.

And so, one day, they chose to make something they had never attempted to make before —

An entire world, and all the living things within it.

And so they did…and thus Orumis, our world, was born.