Wave It All Away: How The Swipe Gesture In Tech Has Doomed Human Proactivity

You’ll find arguments out there that the internet and touch screen technology has skyrocketed productivity. I believe that the wave away gesture, and ancient thing hard-wired to connote the arrogant king, or the waving of cares or responsibility away. It’s subtle and not many are discussing it but the fact is, in 2007, when the touch screen was made into a public, available piece of tech, the doom of analogue truly began. Analogue, which demands intentional presses, demands attention, a fixed, focused movement. Jobs was certainly not thinking about how primal psychology would connect laziness to this gesture. The gliding through life. The reason why films are lazier, people are lazier. This lax hand gesture has embedded itself into the fabric of modern society. It doesn’t mean ease to me. It means an inherently innocent tech that when put in the hands (paws?) of ape-descendants, who long ago determined that waving something away meant not caring, now everything we do is infected with an unearned sense of worry-less-ness. incessant swiping has impacted our ability to sit with stuff. Including our own mental health. Because it’s just so easy to wave it all away.