Hello everyone,

I'm Albert Chessa.

I make abstract art, host some podcasts (Death Stranding Podcast), run YouTube channels (Albert Reactions), tell stories (The Quantumyth) and more.

Here you can find information about, and links to, my various works.

There is also an official store where you can purchase my one-off original abstracts, sketches and portraits, as well as merchandise featuring my art and designs.

When published, signed Quantumyth games and books will also be available for purchase from there as well.

I'll be using this journal as a supplement to the official Albert Chessa Twitch, YouTube and Podcast. It's a chronicle where I share behind-the-scene details, anecdotes, and various ruminations and ponderings on art, life and more.

Thank you for checking out my site, and I hope you have a good rest of your day.

With truth and light,