When Eating Ceases To Be An Activity, You Discover (And Replace It With) New Ones (100th Entry)

For my first 100th Journal Entry special, I'd like to share an important topic.

I’m in the 83‘s already only a week into my DRJ (Dopamine Rerouting Journey).

I remember this feeling from the last Dopamine re-write/re-wire back in October of 2018.

You start being fond of the ‘warm tummy feeling‘ which now takes up most of the day -

it’s not hunger , and it’s not fullness - it’s life,

feeling alive and being in touch with the life inside you.

in reality, it’s your organs finally doing their job efficiently after a long period of being battered by a negative/excessive food intake loop.

Suddenly, you have bandwidth for other things:

Tidying your room

Making art

making plans with friends

a genuine and positive de-emphasising of food in daily mental bandwidth.

It transforms every single forkful into a universe of flavour.

Speaking of forkfuls, I have about 300 grams in the morning, and a single forkful at night, all high-nutrition low-volume foods, so no starving or abstaining, anything like that. The result are exciting and heartening!