White Mirror: Episode 1 - Quarter Plates

White Mirror is an ongoing series of journal entries that are the opposite of Black Mirror episodes, visions of the future of alternate realities where things are better not worse.


Worldwide Food Portions Are A Quarter Of What They Are In Our World (and only two windows - an 8am meal, and 6pm meal)


Imagine going to the food court and each food item is a quarter the size of what is in our world? still looking delicious, but they resemble degustation. And there are panels to the side that subtly hint at chewing and smelling and savouring your food as being as key to the eating experience as wiping your mouth, like it would be gross not to.

And you come away with a little-bigger-than-a-saucer sized plate.

and everyone is lean and happy and not turning to food for solace. And this accepted thing in society.

and a character has a nightmare of what is essentially our world where you can’t buy the actual-size-that-you-need portions anymore.

and they wake up and all is well.

Note: Societies are shaped by external and inherent forces - do you think large portions were enforced by corporations, or we from a biological perspective actually need them? I think you know the answer...