Working Backwards From What You’d Like People To Say About You One Day

Can altruism ever be completely devoid of ego?

Those who give are like the sun - we turn to them for nourishment, encouragement, inspiration.

But unlike the Sun, which - as far is we know - is getting nothing out of being so life-giving to this planet for millennia, those who give are human, and thus can never be untouched by ego.

But ego, when tempered by perspective-keeping and humility, can coalesce into a kind of selfless,

Pure motivation. So the exercise of determining what you'd like your legacy to be,

Even down to the specific things people would say about you,

Can be a goal-focusing exercise. And so here's mine:

"He was a good man."

"He was kind to others, truly listened when you spoke to him, and was always willing to help."

"He looked after his body really well."

"We was a great father."

"He left behind beautiful and meaningful art that is evergreen in its symbolism and meaning."