You ALWAYS Have A Choice: How To Break Free From Self-Imposed So-Called Unquestionable Compulsion

Don’t settle for the smaller dopamine hit you’ve always known. The path you’ve always known.

You know how a super-loaded Nutella sandwich tastes like.

A high that lasts 20 seconds, and ALWAYS ends in shame, depression, numbness.

And Nutella/insert-delicious-food is innocent! It’s great! And it deserves to be eaten where it can have the most impact - that’s right, I’m talking about having it just a little bit later than now to Maintain your weight (see ‘Staggered binges once true/target weight is reached‘ below), and not as a jailer, keeping you in an unhappy body.

Not only do you not yet know how it feels to live in a lean and healthy body, moment to moment (which brings regular bursts of highs, and far more frequently and more impactful than 20 seconds) -

Once this is achieved, the high isn’t a blunt one, its an ever deepening one.

it also makes you naturally more creative, because you’re driven to seek dopamine from ever new sources - handstands, walks, seeing a little more of your jawline in the mirror with each passing day, seeing that number on the scale get closer to your true weight, less of a puffy face, noticing (this might sound odd but it’s true) your feet lose weight.

The primary emotion of this is RELIEF (I can devote dramatically less bandwidth to food and devote it all to doing other things in my life!) and FREEDOM (feeling physically lighter makes everything, the mind, the heart, soul, all feel lighter).

Here is your guide:

CDSC - Conscious Dopamine Source Conversion

The process throughout.

SDFMI - Daily Food Mass Intake

Food influences all our choices and our state of mind at all times. SDFMI is the healthiest, fastest, most effective and most long lasting way to lose excess fat. Mini-feasting is the key.

AOFA - Agreement Of Future Abundance

This one is the tide-turner. Every time you have a pang for food, simply say “no worries, I will 100% have that exact food type and amount I want, just at a future date - 2 months from now”. Your body will smile and get on your side, knowing you’re not withholding, you’re rescheduling :) Big fatty meals are fun and great but only *after* the weight loss is achieved, then you can incorporate this fun-as-hell ‘binge days’ in your future food ways in a staggered manner, so that they become a part of maintaing your true weight :) Until it’s reached though, Mini-feasting is the go (DFMI), and then no worries, just 2 months from now (and the more disciplined you are, the sooner you get there, maybe in even less time than 2 months) we start our staggered binges, hehe.