Creating an all-unifying mythology

In 2010, I began a multimedia creative and storytelling project incorporating my patterns, philosophies and worldview.


The Quantumyth (quantum: one's own quantity + myth = 'one's own mythology') will eventually span several illustrated and written works, an animated feature and a video game anthology series, whose first title, Creation, is in production and scheduled for release in 2021.

This endeavour takes the concepts of comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell -


Whose studies centred on the all-encompassing mythological blueprint shared between all cultures -


And envisions them as a proto-myth, or 'the quantum sum of all myth'.


What would this proto-myth look like?


Who would be its heroes and gods?


What would be its worlds and stories?

Answering these questions continues to provide fascinating, challenging and never-ending creative adventures.


Complete with its own creation myth, pantheon and multi-realm adventures, The Quantumyth takes inspiration from (and fuses together) African, Celtic, Maori, Japanese, Indian, Greek and Aboriginal Australian tales, motifs and nomenclature, among many others, 

into a fantastical-yet-grounded gestalt paracosm.

As part of The Quantumyth, my patterns transform from simply being cathartic abstract expressions of my own ever-shifting emotions and thoughts into a universal symbolic language (also known as Æther Speech) spoken and written (Æthography) by beings known as Resonants:

Motes of the infinite consciousness that birthed all life -


The Primentity -

Who are able to access, directly trace and channel the pre-eternal,

chaotically ordered latticework upon which existence itself was formed

and along which all of creation takes place - always has, and always will -

The Evershaping.

The Quantumyth is a portal into all the tales told therefrom, and thereupon.

Welcome to an ever-evolving universe of amalgamated myth.