All-In-One, Hands-On Production

There are eight aspects that my clients benefit from with my services as a producer.


As a visual artist, and with humans being primarily visual creatures, I assist my clients in developing their visual identity,

consistent across all platforms.


My clients have access to an always-growing list of art and entertainment media contacts, to help with opening doors and securing those vitally important pitch meetings and phone calls.


Not only in the sense of being an intermediary between my clients and other collaborators,

I strongly favour promoting and representing voices of colour and other under-represented groups.


My clients gain a signal-boosting ally that meets their level of passion for their craft/subject matter.

Social Media

An all-in-one, consistent-across-all-platforms suite is provided to my clients at the outset:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Anchor, Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Patreon, Reddit,

and an official site if required.


Outside-the-box creative strategy is integral to the services my clients benefit from.


The all-too-often overlooked fundamental understanding and kinship that must exist between producer and client -

in order for anything of value to come from a creative endeavour - is intrinsic to the services my clients benefit from.


I am available via at any time to assist with any issue or question my clients have.