Quantum: one's own quantity + Myth = one's own mythology


In 2003 I began creating THE QUANTUMYTH -


An all-encompassing, lifelong storytelling endeavour incorporating my patterns, philosophies and worldview.


The Quantumyth spans several illustrated, written, animated and interactive works.


All Quantumyth tales begin life in writing (collected/first published here), 

before being adapted into different mediums by other artists.


All of my creative output (including my Pattern Art) is unified under The Quantumyth banner.


The primary inspiration for The Quantumyth came from the works of mythologist Joseph Campbellwhose studies centred on an all-encompassing mythological blueprint shared between all cultures, which he called The Monomyth.


Additional inspiration came from Shigeru Miyamoto (Zelda), Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy), Hayao Miyazaki (Ghibli), George Lucas (Star Wars), J.R.R. Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings), Guillermo Del Toro (The Shape of Water, Pan's Labyrinth), Fumito Ueda (The Last Guardian) and Jim Henson (The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth), all of whose works contain Monomythic elements, whilst each having their own distinctive, idiosyncratic and instantly recognisable flair.

The Quantumyth can be seen as a fusion of all these works, combined with my own personal resonance with world mythology (particularly from Maori, Celtic, Japanese, Hindu and Aboriginal Australian cultures).




The shared reality in which all of The Quantumyth's tales take place began with a neverending event known as The Evershaping, inspired by a concept in Aboriginal Australian mythology known as The Dreaming:


A time-out-of-time, whose tales are told simultaneously in the past, present and future.


The Evershaping is the invisible latticework along which all works of creation (including those in our own world) take shape. The Quantumyth refers to two things: the all-encompassing shared universe itself, as well its Origin Myth, (the Aeva Ranur, or 'The First Story'),


Which is told in The Quantumyth - Episode 1 - The Origin.

Long ago - and yet taking place now and in the future also - a human (in this case, you, the person reading this right now) looked into the nothingness that exists behind all life (The Evershaping). 


At this point -


Since humans are mortal beings, incapable of sitting placidly and doing nothing for all eternity,

unable to comprehend or even relate to non-anthropomorphic (i.e. human-like) concepts -


from this endless proto-void, a figure emerges:

The Primentity, the first protagonist of The Quantumyth.

At this moment, the first tenet of storytelling comes into being as well:

Both creator and consumer must see themselves in any story in order for it to connect with either.


 The Primentity, whose name is Olvisutar in the language of the ancient race (more on them later) goes on to create The Deudephalon (void and form, or Oro and Ara),

who in turn create The Elements (elnaru), who in turn create The Gods (orolei),

who in turn create The Aspects (ulaphon), who in turn made The Resonants (kehoda, the ancient race), of whom we (The Vessels, or uloi) are temporary vessels.

This aspect of The Quantumyth is based in the science of physics - matter is not created or destroyed, merely changing shape over the years, making us the descendants of the Universe's original light. In this way, the warmth-light inside each of us is the same as that which sparked the birth of The Primentity, and The Evershaping before them.

Like all Origin Myths, The Quantumyth does not 'end' - we ourselves are extensions of the original act of creation (named by some the Big Bang, though it has other names as well), and our lives and endeavours are continuations of the endless fractal of 'creator-creation-creator'.

Because of this eternal, inherently all-unified aspect, the origin myths of each individual culture or civilisation (including those of Earth) bears a resemblance to this, The First Story. 



As part of The Quantumyth, my Pattern Art works transform from simply being cathartic depictions of unconscious, intuitively expressed and ever-shifting emotions and thoughts (what some call 'abstract art') and become 'captures of The Evershaping',

otherwise known as aether speech - the language of the ancient race, The Resonants.

To them, each time a pattern is made - written or spoken, with words or with shapes - the endless undulations of eternity are 'captured' by the creator of the pattern: a sacred act infused with profound symbolic meaning, for to 'pause eternity' in this manner is a celebration of our ability to create, connecting us with our ancestors, stretching all the way back to the very first creator.


Aether speech (or the universal symbolic language, also known as Resonant speech or Eon Runes) is inspired by protong, the 'proto-tongue' that was 'discovered' by polish artist and fellow mythopoetic creator, Stanisław Szukalski.

The Resonants, being the most evolved version of the original beings of the universe, are able to directly access, trace and channel the pre-eternal, chaotically ordered latticework upon which existence itself was formed, and along which all of creation takes place - always has, and always will -The Evershaping.

The Quantumyth is a portal into all the tales told therefrom, and thereupon.

Welcome to an ever-evolving universe of amalgamated myth.