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Albert Cedric William Chessa (born November 1, 1988) is an Australian producer, writer and artist.


Since 2015 Chessa has distinguished himself with high profile client engagements and successful campaigns across Hollywood, the international games industry and more. He is the founder of The Topic Archives (collected on IMDB as The Albert Chessa Podcast), a media company that reimagines the traditional conventions of podcasting with a growing network of topic-specific shows that combine casual and in-depth conversations, archival presentations, and solo recordings. He has been instrumental in advancing the 'anti-podcast' movement by emphasising authentic interactions and eschewing common podcasting tropes.

His interview portfolio boasts dialogues with notable figures such as Tommie Earl Jenkins (Tim Burton's Wednesday), Daniel Roebuck (Lost, The Fugitive), and Danielle Bisutti (God of War, Insidious).


He attended the New York premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, is a contributor to ArtsHub Australia, and has presented for Melbourne Games Week.


Since 2002 Chessa has crafted The Quantumyth, an interconnected narrative inspired by the 'eternal now' concept in first nations Australian lore, telling diverse stories bound by a singular origin. Each tale — shared first in writing on this site and later adapted to interactive and animated mediums — is a parable that embodies or challenges the traditional Aristotelian/Campbellian monomyth.  His commitment to this lifelong multimedia work is unwavering,  paying homage to Hayao Miyazaki, Guillermo del Toro and James Cameron among others.

His stories have been adapted by internationally exhibited artist Logan Stahl.


Since 2000 Chessa has made abstract visual art under the name ResonantThese intricate works draw inspiration from the biological processes of morphogenesis and the constructal law, surrealist automatism, and dot-placing first nations Australian art, subverted with hollows carved into strands, representing the all-permeating aspect of the eternally fertile void, and the infinite vacillation of human emotion and atomic fluctuation alike.


His alma mater is ANU School of Art and Design and he has been exhibited twice through RAW Artists Canberra.


Art and Entertainment Creators


Tommie Earl Jenkins (Actor, Tim Burton's Wednesday, Death Stranding)

Daniel Roebuck (Actor, Lost, The Fugitive with Harrison Ford)

Danielle Bisutti (Actor, Insidious, God of War, Get Smart with Steve Carell)

Garrett Warren (Director, Avatar: The Way of Water with James Cameron)

Robert Craighead (Actor, God of War, The Return of the Living Dead)

Adam Harrington (Actor, God of War, Bosch, Parks and Recreation)

Steve West (Actor, Crazy Rich Asians, The Order: 1886)

Chet Zar (Make-Up Artist, Schism by Tool)

Nick Suttner (Writer, Celeste, The Last Guardian Art Book)

Tara Bennet (Writer, Avatar: The Way of Water Art Book)

Darren Jacobs (Actor, Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon, Death Stranding)

Bridie Sisson (Actor, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power)

Rachel Payne (Actor, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power)

Paul Shipper (Illustrator, Star Wars)

Nada Maktari (Architect and Poster Artist, Dune)

Greg Ruth (Artist and Author, Meadowlark with Ethan Hawke)

Russell Brownley (Director, The Chant by Gojira)

Zev Deans (Director, Messe Noire by Behemoth)

Myles Langlois (Director, Adult Swim’s Apollo Gauntlet)

Trevor Brierly (Author, Discovering Dune)

Daniel Cabuco (Art Director, Legacy of Kain)

C.D. Clarke (Art Director, La Realidad by The Mars Volta)

Nimai Larson (Musician, Prince Rama)

Taraka Larson (Musician, Prince Rama)

Riley Pinkerton (Musician, Castle Rat)

Ronnie Lanzilotta (Musician, Castle Rat)

Tucker Thomasson (Musician, Thorr-Axe)

Vannah Lee (Musician)

Paul Romano (Illustrator, Mastodon)

Richey Beckett (Illustrator, Mastodon)

Conrad Keely (Illustrator, The Sword)

J.H. Williams III (Illustrator, The Sword)

Kyle Shutt (Musician, The Sword)

Bryan Richie (Musician, The Sword)

Trivett Wingo (Musician, The Sword)

Warren Davis (Illustrator, Mastodon)

Barry Kelly (Director, Star Trek: Lower Decks)

Alexander Smith (Writer, Vagrant Story)

Brendan Wright (Writer, Gods and Heroes)

John Roshell (Font Designer, Avatar)

Duncan Birnie (Photographer)


Art and Entertainment Community


Hyrule Gamer (YouTuber, Zelda)

The Lore Hunter (YouTuber, Elden Ring)

Sinclair Lore (YouTuber, Elden Ring)

KatieCakes (YouTuber, Elden Ring)

TeraPop (YouTuber, Elden Ring)

Anna Ellsworth (YouTuber, Elden Ring)

Gobli Prin (Artist, Elden Ring)

Zozuba (Artist, Elden Ring)

Jorge Perez (Artist, Elden Ring)

Erika Hudiono (Artist, Elden Ring)

Andrew Martin (Artist, Elden Ring)

Rashed Salem (Musician, Elden Ring)

Jenn Designs (Artist, The Last Guardian)

Jason Ward (YouTuber, Star Wars)

SharePlayerOne (YouTuber, God of War)

RandomSideQuest (YouTuber, Horizon)

Abi Toads (Artist, Zelda)

Amanda VanHiel (YouTuber, Zelda)

Avatar Theory (YouTuber, Avatar)

Avatar Guy (YouTuber, Avatar)

Bailey Geraldine (Artist, Avatar)

Holliday On Pandora (Influencer, Avatar)

Linka Angelia (Influencer, Avatar)

Neomatrixology (YouTuber, The Matrix)

XpectoGo (YouTuber, Wizarding World)

Kaptain Kuba (YouTuber, God of War)

The Auror Division (YouTuber, Wizarding World)

The Last Marauder (YouTuber, Wizarding World)

Britt’s Magic Trunk (YouTuber, Wizarding World)

Kyle Card (Actor, Death Stranding)

Randall Lobb (Director, The Power of Grayskull)

Rob Duenas (Artist, Crash Bandicoot)

Rebecca Hodge (Actor, In The Beginning)

Erica Matulis (Cosplayer, Bioshock)

Krizzia Cruz (Cosplayer, Bioshock)

Kelly Briarwood (Cosplayer, Fable)

Valentina Chessa (Cosplayer, Yu-Gi-Oh)

Anna María (Actor, The Garden of Adam)

Tommy Jackson (Cinematographer, No Way Out)

Westfarthing Crochet (Etsy Artist, The Lord of the Rings)

Sarah Blakey (NazFX, Creature Artist)

SpeakBeasty (Podcaster, Wizarding World)

DuneNewsNet (Podcaster, Dune)

DuneInfo (Podcaster, Dune)

David Lightbringer (YouTuber, Game of Thrones)

Julia Sowińska (Podcaster, Twin Peaks)

Phillip Mitchell (Podcaster, The Dark Crystal)




Laura Marconi (Friend, Naturopath)

Simon Bischoff (Friend, Photographer)

Franco Ripple (Friend, Media Strategist)

Ava Marisol Vasquez (Friend, Energy Healer)

Hassanane Balal (Friend, Teacher)

Emilio Rodriguez (Friend, Teacher)

Jaloni Wilson Ford (Friend, Writer)

Marina Hunt (Friend)

Tom Olesen (Friend)

Angelo Cafari (Friend)

Pamela Rojas (Friend)

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